Decorative Mouldings For New Builds

As the new year begins and the construction business ramps up again the Finishing Touch have re-opened their doors for business after a refreshing summer break. Several projects are on the go, builders already putting in orders for our quality, long lasting decorative mouldings.

Example of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.

A French provincial,55 square residence in Toorak is under development.  The build requires 85 metres of parapet, model # P8350, size 350mm x 280mm, 115 metres of parapet, model # P8300, size 300mm x 235mm, 2.5 metres of parapet, model # P250YZ, size 250 x 205 and 132 metres of parapet, model # P29, size 155mm x 65mm, being used as a stringer. 

More decorative features on this build include 36 metres of window architrave, model # WDG8XY, size 120mm x 50mm, also 190 metres of quoining panel, model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm.  Five arches add a further decorative touch, one with a span of 3200mm, another with a span of 1645mm and three each with a span of 1200mm. On top of the arches will be four keystones, model # Key220, 220mm in height. Creating more architectural interest will be decorative corbels and two orb spheres, each 500mm diameter, on the roofline. Decorative features will be extended to the fence line with four French small pier caps, each sized 600mm x 60mm.

A single storey, Post-modern home in Burradoo in NSW is being supplied with 60 metres of window architraves, model # W100, size 100mm x 45mm, four arches made from W1100 architraves, one with a span of 6100mm, two with a span of 1250mm and another with a span of 2300mm. Three keystones, model # Key220, 220mm in height will atop the arches.

A small but interesting job for a Post-modern home in Greenvale is for a customised moulding for a curved wall, 22 metres of parapet , model #P300, size300mm x 235mm.

A Post-modern house in Glen Waverley was finished with 12.5 metres of parapet, model # P8350, size 350mm x 280mm, 27 metres of parapet, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 10 metres of parapet, model # P8200, size 200mm x 155mm, 47.5 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm and 42 metres of quoining panels, model # Q300, size 320 mm x 30mm. Windows were decorated with 54 metes of window architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm, 5 metres of window sill, model #WS15, size 130mm x 65mm and an arch, made with architrave, model # W1100 with a span of 2000mm, and a decorative keystone.

See the Finishing Touch products catalogue for the full range of decorative mouldings.

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