Architectural Mouldings Provide the Ultimate Decorative Finish


Once a house has been built the work is by no means over.  There’s still the fencing, outdoor areas and landscaping to be constructed and planted to create an attractive, complete living environment. The builders of a post-modern, fifty square home in Donvale at 7 Decontra Close recently finished the fencing with the addition of Victorian style wall caps for the fence line and fifteen Victorian style Pier caps, supplied by the Finishing Touch, creating a stunning  presence on the streetscape.
And what’s a home without windows? Not only are they essential for light, warmth and a view, but they can become a stylish feature with the addition of architectural mouldings. One hundred and thirty metres of window architraves ( model #DGA115A), each measuring 115mmx 40mm, together with fifty five metres of window sills (model # M13), each measuring 145mmx 175mm, were recently supplied to a build on the Ararat Lexton Road,  Lexton.
A post-modern, sixty five square home in Balwyn is under development.  The build requires one hundred and twenty metres of parapet mouldings (model # P8250), sized 250mm x 195mm, 10 window architraves (model # WDG8XY), sized 120mm x 50mm, 120 metres smaller parapet moulding ( model #P8200), sized 200mm x 155mm and arches for the windows. This home promises to emanate style.
The Finishing Touch have built a sound reputation for quality and long lasting architectural decorative mouldings.  They can supply only or builders can contract the Finishing Touch preferred installers Precise Profiles to do the installation. Where the preferred installer completes the installation of decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch, builders and owners are given a seven year warranty on all works.

Decorative Mouldings For French Styled Units and Post-Modern Home

Example of Finishing Touch  decorative mouldings

Example of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings

The Finishing Touch supplied a large job for two units with French styling influence, each forty squares, in Kenmore Road, Mont Albert. The decorative mouldings supplied were:
On the top floor – on hundred and thirty metres of under gutter mouldings (PE70), one hundred and twenty metres of flat band mouldings (M120) 120mm x 30mm, ninety metres of windowsills  (M13) 145mm x 175mm.  On the ground floor – one hundred and fifty metres of parapet mouldings (M3) 165mm x 155m, one hundred and forty metres of flatband mouldings (DGB1003) 100mm x 30mm, twenty metres of parapet mouldings (M258B) 258mm x 190mm, 200 metres of flatband moulding (M120) 120mm x 30mm, one hundred and fifty six metres of quoinings (Q300) 320mm x 30mm.  One of the units has nine arches featured at the front, crafted from the M120 flatband mouldings. Certified installer Precise Profiles completed the job.

Another build recently supplied was a post-modern, sixty square home in Clivejay Street, Glen Waverley. Thirty one metres of eave moulds (PE17) 220mm x 205mm were supplied and installed, along with thirty metres of stringer moulding (S19A) 260mm x 90mm, seventy metres of window architraves (WDG075) 75mm x 30mm, fifteen metres of window sills (WSR-1) 140mm x 210 mm and column caps (GC4) and bases (GC6) for two feature square columns.
Supply only flatband decorative mouldings were required by an owner/builder for his property at Fankhauser Drive, Vermont South. The post-modern house of fifty squares was supplied with one hundred and fifty metres of flatbands (M29) 170mm x 30mm.  The owner/builder will install the mouldings.

Another supply only order was for an interstate property in Ewing Street, Bentleigh, Western Australia.  They were supplied with two hundred and forty metres of under gutter moulding (PE70), 70mm x 70mm.

French Provincial Is Still a Popular Style

French provincial smooth finish

The French Provincial style for homes is still very popular in Melbourne and the Finishing Touch have recently supplied a full complement of decorative mouldings to two build sites for houses built in this style.

A  fifty five square home in Montmorency is being constructed and as it reaches the finishing stages has been supplied with  ninety metres in total of a larger parapet moulding, model # P4300, 300mm x 285mm in size, thirty five metres in total of a  smaller parapet moulding, model # P4240, measuring 240mm x 225mm. Windows have been decorated with sixteen metres of window sills for eight windows, model # 4SR1, measuring 140mm x 210mm and  thirty metres of flatbands, model # M120, measuring 120mm x 30mm, which are being used as window architraves. Six arches have also been created with flatbands, model #M120; four are smaller with a diameter of 850mm, whilst two are larger with a diameter of 1500mm. Two window headers were also supplied, model # WH1A, dimensions 173mm x 170mm.

An owner/builder is completing his build in Sweyn Street, North Balwyn. His French Provincial forty five square home will be enhanced with the addition of seven metres of a large parapet at the top of the house, model #P8300, measuring 300mm x 235mm, which is French Provincial in style and is being placed over the portico.  Another thirty two metres of a smaller parapet in the French provincial style, model # P8250, sized 250mm x 195mm is being installed as well as eighteen metres of under gutter moulding, model # PE70, measuring 70mm x 70mm. All the windows surrounding the house will be further decorated with seventy metres in total of French Provincial architraves model # WDG8XY, measuring 120 x 50mm, and twenty metres of window sills, model # WSR15. The further addition of five arches will make a stunning statement.

Builders and Owner/builders choose the Finishing Touch architectural mouldings due to their demonstrable quality and longevity. Check out their range of products at their website.

Decorative Mouldings Supplier Moves Premises and Completes Large Project For Apartment Complex


The Finishing Touch has been busy moving to new premises at Factory 6, 143 Canterbury Road in Kilsyth. With the move they now have a new telephone number. This change represents an upgrade to a more modern factory with better facilities and larger space for storage, which will be particularly helpful for Finishing Touch’s installer Precise Profiles.

A large project recently undertaken to manufacture and install lightweight mouldings was for a substantial block of apartments at 336 Glenferrie Road, Malvern being built by Krongold Constructions. This apartment complex is a post-modern, three storey high building with a fifty six squares top floor, thirty squares second floor, fifty six squares ground floor and a basement of forty squares, totalling one hundred and eighty two squares. The mouldings supplied were:
Stepped band mould on the second floor at 300mm x 90mm
Pilaster capital on the second floor, 180mm high
Parapet for balustrade capping on the terrace of the first floor and parapets for the first floor, 80mm x 280mm
Window headers for first floor windows 110mm x60mm and ground floor windows 185mm x 35mm
Moulding insert for the main entry frieze 375mm x 375mm
Parapet capping for the pool building 570mm x 90mm
Parpapet capping for balustrade in courtyard area, retaining wall along driveway and ground floor balustrade 80mm x 200-380mm (to suit blockwork).

Being in Sydney a job for the Bonavista Hotel  at 76 Middle Head Road, Mosman was for supply only of fifty four lengths of three metre stringers (model # S5) measuring 120mm x 35mm, thirty metres of wall capping (model # WC2) measuring 358mm x 110mm, six parapet mouldings (model # S19) 120mm x 89mm and one Arch with a radius 1200mm (model # S19).

Another property in Wandana Heights, Victoria  required the supply only of thirty lengths parapet (M258B) 258mm x 190mm x 2400mm length and thirty lengths stringer (DGC093) 95mm x 71mm x 2400mm length.

Decorative Mouldings For Properties in Glen Iris, Ballan and Geelong

An example of decorative mouldings

The Finishing Touch are steadily growing their reputation as suppliers of superior quality decorative mouldings, reliability and style across Victoria. They have just completed manufacture of decorative mouldings for a post-modern, two storey, thirty square home situated at 1751 Malvern Road, Glen Iris with the installation stage of the project about to commence.  They have supplied parapets measuring 180mm x 95mm ( model no. P7180) and window architraves 100mm x 45mm (model no. W1100).  The exterior mouldings will be installed to the front of the building façade, with the window architraves on five windows – three upstairs and two downstairs. The parapet will be installed mid-level between the ground floor and the first floor.  An interesting feature is that the parapets will be used to form a column capital atop the square columns at the entrance.

Two hundred and twenty metres of parapets and two hundred and forty metres of flatbands have recently been manufactured and installed on a single storey building of forty squares in Blakeville Road, Ballan in country Victoria. The parapets, model no. P7200, measure 200mm x 105mm, with the flatbands, model no. M120, measuring 120mm x 30mm.

Some Builders choose supply only of decorative mouldings, which the Builder for a property in Geelong recently did  for parapets and stringers  This single storey post-modern home has an under storey garage and seventy two metres of parapets, model no. M258B and measuring 258mm x 190mm were manufactured and supplied along with seventy two metres of stringers, model no. S1R2, measuring 90mm x 70mm recently by The Finishing Touch.

Architectural Style, Flair And a Stunning Finish

Award Winning Design The Eyrie

Award Winning Design The Eyrie

Creating a particular architectural style, adding flair and a strong statement to your house build is easily achieved with the addition of decorative mouldings. Whether building a French Provincial, Mediterranean, Georgian, Art Deco or Post-Modern home decorative mouldings will help achieve the style and look you desire.  The modern type of decorative architectural mouldings are lightweight and easily installed to the finished build, prior to painting. The Finishing Touch have developed a manufacturing process that produces lightweight mouldings of a very high quality in a smooth finish or sandstone finish. The most popular features throughout the history of buildings have been arches and columns and now-a-days, with the application of lightweight mouldings, it is so easy to make a grand design statement.

Arch mouldings are made to follow existing arch lines and can be cut in almost any profile desired. Once a template, with the radius or the span and rise desired for an arch, is supplied it will to be specifically moulded to meet the specifications.
Keystones were originally the pivotal point of an arch, they then became highly decorative as well. They come in a large range of sizes to suit different arch spans, whether over a window or an entrance. Style-wise there is a choice of designs from Grecian style scrolls and flourishes to modern, clean lines.
Column mouldings are made in two halves to wrap around steel or timber posts. They come in four main shapes – round, fluted, square and tapered.  Column capitals are also available for columns and come in a variety of styles including Doric, Ornate or Single Doric with Plinth to suit all four main shaped columns. Columns and column capitals come in a range of sizes, with square columns being able to be made to any custom size.
The selection of decorative mouldings from the Finishing Touch range will ensure not only design integrity but a long lasting exterior moulding guaranteed not to warp, shrink or bend once installed.

Finishing Touch Decorative Mouldings Installation

Before shot Studley Rd

Before & After Decorative Mouldings

Before & After Decorative Mouldings

The Finishing Touch is pleased to announce it now has an exclusive arrangement with Precise Profiles for all installations of decorative mouldings. Precise Profiles, owned and operated by Andrew Thomas for nearly 20 years, is a very proficient specialist group focussed entirely on providing installation services for architectural decorative mouldings.

The Finishing Touch provide the very best quality decorative mouldings available with Andrew and his team following up to ensure a timely schedule for installation and job completion. The Precise Profiles team service greater Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and other growth areas. Andrew will liaise with builders to ensure that the installations are completed in line with their job planning and scheduling.

For your next project please contact Steve De Gregorio to schedule the manufacture of your quality decorative moulding requirements prior to contacting Andrew Thomas at Precise Profiles to schedule installation. Please allow up to 4 weeks for completion of the manufacturing process.

Andrew and his team of professionals have completed over 16,000 jobs in the last 18 years. He has a reputation in the building industry for quality installation and the utmost in reliability. All work undertaken by The Finishing Touch and Precise Profiles carry a 7 year installation guarantee, provided in writing at the completion of your project. Quotations provided include all materials and labour required to complete your specified installation and ‘Best Practice Methodologies’ only will be utilised.

Steve De Gregorio welcomes Andrew and the Precise Profiles team to his enterprise and looks forward to satisfying your requirements with confidence, delivering lightweight, exterior decorative mouldings on budget and on schedule for your next project.