French Provincial Decorative Mouldings Add Charm and Grace

French Provincial Style

French Provincial Style

A post-modern, two storey house of forty squares at 9 Oak Crescent, Lower Templestowe in the French provincial style has been gracefully finished with the addition of Finishing Touch lightweight decorative mouldings. On the top storey 9.6 metres of French provincial style parapets (model #P8200), measuring 200mm x 165mm, sit halfway between the second storey and the ground floor. Another 7.2 metres of French provincial style parapets (model #P8155), measuring 155mm x 20mm were used with 7.2 metres of French provincial style stringer (model #S1R4), measuring 90mm x70mm, installed 400 ml below the parapet. Windows were finished with fifty metres of French provincial style window architraves (model #W1090), measuring 90mm x40mm and the seven windows had 9.6 metres of window sills (model #WS5R2), measuring 133mm x 90mm, installed. A window header 2.4 metres long, (model # M23), measuring 265mm x 120mm created a stunning feature above the middle balcony window.

A French provincial, fifty square house in Ivanhoe was built on a slope resulting in two full storeys at the top with the bottom storey being smaller and including a garage. Thirty six metres of parapets (model #P4200) were used for this build, measuring 200mm x 199mm, with sixteen metres of stringer (model #S6R2), measuring 55mm x 27mm. Thirty eight metres of architraves (model #W11), measuring 100mm x45mm decorate the thirteen windows on all the storeys with window sills to suit, (model# WSR15), measuring 135mm x 185mm and eleven windows are further decorated with gorgeous arches over them ( model #W1100).

A large central window in the upper storey is decorated with 4.8 metres of window architrave (model #WB1), measuring 150mm x 50mm. Further decoration is created with the use of quoinings (model #Q400), measuring 430mm x 30mm on both the upper level and lower level. On the top storey sixty seven metres of under gutter moulding (model #PE70), measuring 70mm x 70mm were installed as well as seventy five metres of stringer (model # S1R4), measuring 90mm x70mm, which sits between the parapets between the top and second storey. Featured above the balcony is 9.6 metres of parapet on the top storey (model #P4300), measuring 300mm x 285mm, with a decorative keystone above it (model # PWK215), measuring 225mm x 190mm x 110mm.

Custom pier caps were manufactured and installed by the Finishing Touch on a property in Surrey Road, North Blackburn measuring 490mm x 490mm with one larger pier cap 1455mm x 480mm, on which the letter box sits next to the gate.

Decorative Moudings Supplied For Units, Rural Properties and Landscaping

Decorative mouldings supplied by Finishing Touch

Decorative mouldings supplied by Finishing Touch

A supply only order for Orange Building Solutions was delivered recently to 1-5 Neil Court, Blackburn South. The three storey building of ten units was finished with ten Finishing Touch panel mouldings, each with a height of 1380mm, width of 1200mm and depth of 150mm with 200mm between each point of the corrugations. The panels make up a twelve metre wall and have a customised profile to fit with the overall design of the building, they will be rendered to match the external look of the building.

A project currently under development is for two post-modern style units, side by side, with a minimalist look. In this instance one hundred and forty metres of flatband mouldings have been used, measuring 170mm x 30mm, (model # M29), to accentuate the lines of the building, which shows that decorative mouldings can be used on any modern building, no matter the style.

The Finishing Touch were pleased to supply decorative mouldings to a second property for a well-known regional rural builder. The lightweight mouldings were delivered to Lexton, Ballarat in rural Victoria. The project required one hundred and fifteen metres of window arches, measuring 115mm x 40mm (model # DGA115A), fifty five metres of window sills, measuring 145mm x 175mm, plain window sill with reveal (model #M13).

Branching out to supply landscapers, the Finishing Touch recently supplied decorative mouldings to a large landscape company located in Box Hill that services the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including Canterbury, Camberwell, Kew, Deepdene and Balwyn.  Nine pier caps measuring 490mm x 490mm were supplied, along with thirty two metres of custom built, plain wall capping to suit.  Manufacturing and supplying specifically designed architectural mouldings for landscape situations is now a growing part of the Finishing Touch business.

Decorative Mouldings Create A Stunning Façade Whether For Units or A Church

Arches create a stunning facade

Arches create a stunning facade

A large project supplying and installing the Finishing Touch lightweight, decorative mouldings has been completed for two French provincial style units in Kenmore Street, Mont Albert. Each unit is fifty squares and both have street frontage. The units are identical and required the same decorative mouldings, except for arches in the second unit.

The units now have a stunning façade,  with the addition of sixty five metres of under gutter mouldings, model # PE70, 70mm x 70mm, thirty metres of flatband mouldings, model # DGB1003, 100mm x 30mm, fifty seven metres of  flatband mouldings, being used for window architraves, model # M120, 120mm x 30mm and seventy two metres of quoining panels, model # Q300, 320mm x 30mm. Eight arches, 900mm wide  x 2100mm high with the flatband moulding M120 surrounding the arches to create a stronger profile were supplied and installed in the second unit, whilst twelve window sills, model # M13, were used for both units; they are plain sills with reveals.

Another project for the Finishing Touch was supply only for a fifty square, Post-modern home in Clifton Street, North Balwyn. Sixty metres of parapet mouldings, model # PE4TR1, 150mm x 150mm being used as an eave were supplied. Other lightweight decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch were seventy two metres of stringer mouldings, model # S19, 120mm x 90mm, twenty one metres of a second stringer moulding, model # S6R2, 55mm x 27mm, fifty six metres of window architraves, model # W1100, 140mm x 45mm and five window sills, model # W5SR2, 133mm x 90mm. A keystone to go above the entrance, model # DMTF008, 150mm x 135mm x 50mm and sixty two metres of quoinings, model # Q300, 320mm x 30mm will create an additional decorative flair.

An interesting project currently under development for LUC Simon Builders is for ten columns, three metres high for a Greek Orthodox Church. The columns are tapered, measuring 350mm at base and tapering to 290mm at the top.

Position Vacant – Factory Floor Manager

profile-picWe are a small and growing Exterior Moulding Company

Our company is quality focused, producing moulds on a strict time schedule for selected customers.

We offer reliable supply of standard and specially custom made mouldings for our growing number of customers.

On the job training is provided for our manufacturing process, however there are many roles within the position, including stock control and general warehouse duties. General building/handy man experience will be of value to the business.

Role is approx. 40 hours per week. We are looking for someone to grow long term with the company. You must have a strong work ethic, be reliable, honest and with references willing to be contacted. Pay will be commensurate with experience and aptitude.

If you feel you may be a valuable addition to our company please apply for immediate start.

Decorative Mouldings For Traditional French Provincial Home

Typical French Provincial Style

Typical French Provincial Style

A two storey, French Provincial style home of sixty squares situated at Park Orchards that will feature a traditional French provincial pitched roofline is currently under development.
Plans for the upper level decorative architectural mouldings are for –
One hundred and six metres in total of eave parapets, Finishing Touch model # PE3200, measuring 200mm x 200mm, sixty metres of flatbands,  Finishing Touch model # DGB100, measuring 100mm x 20mm. A plain window sill with reveal, that goes under the window as well as in front will be supplied for four windows, each is three metres long, a total of twelve metres, Finishing Touch model # F13 and measuring 145mm x 175mm each. Thirty six metres of customised quoining panels, Finishing Touch model # Q500 and measuring 530mm x 40mm, will create a wonderful decorative finish along with the grandeur of eleven arches with a twelve hundred millimetre span, Finishing Touch model #DGB100, measuring 100mm x 20mm.
On the lower level decorative architectural mouldings required are –
Twenty one metres of eave parapets, Finishing Touch model # PE3DG2, measuring 150mm x 160mm, nineteen metres stringer mouldings, Finishing Touch model # SIR4, measuring 90mm x 70mm, twenty one  metres of flatbands, Finishing Touch model # DGB100, measuring 100mm x 20mm and three metres window sills, Finishing Touch model # M13, measuring 145mm x 175mm. Sixty two metres customised quoining panels the same as for the upper level and one arch with a diameter of 2770mm for the entrance will help create a stunning façade.

A property in Kings Meadows, Tasmania which is a post-modern design, single level home of fifty squares will be finished with decorative mouldings. The client has requested specific custom sized mouldings. They are –
Five metres custom design parapet mouldings, measuring 140mm x 140mm, over the portico, one hundred and thirty nine metres custom design eave parapet, measuring 170mm x 180mm, one hundred and thirty nine metres custom design of window architraves measuring 90mm x 30mm and forty seven metres custom design window sills, measuring 100mm x 60mm.

A new client has requested supply only for another property in Park Orchards in Daintree Avenue for twenty nine metres window architraves, Finishing Touch model # WP5, measuring 100mm x 35mm and forty two metres window sills, Finishing Touch model #  WS5, measuring 130mm x70mm.

Columns and Arches Beautiful Architectural Features


Of all the types of architectural decorative mouldings used to create an attractive façade to a building, columns and arches are the most beautiful and eye catching. Dating back to very early architecture they have long been used as an architectural feature.  When they were constructed of stone and stucco they were extremely heavy and difficult to install, thus were only used for large, public buildings or very expensive homes. Concrete made the addition of an arch or columns to a family home more accessible and these days with the development of lightweight decorative mouldings arches and columns have become a common sight throughout suburbia, adding a certain glamour to modern houses.

The Finishing Touch are leading suppliers of high quality decorative mouldings. Their lightweight mouldings are made from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene and builders can choose from two styles of finish. The sandstone finish moulding is triple coated with a multi-part compound then reinforced with a triple coating of sand whereas the smooth finish moulding is reinforced with fibreglass mesh and coated with one or two coats of an impact resistant and flexible polymer modified cementitious render. Both coatings produce a durable exterior finish, which will not crack, shrink, expand or bend.

The Finishing Touch supply a wide range of decorative mouldings to suit most house styles, including French Provincial, Georgian and post-modern.  Recently the builder of a fifty squares home in Chadstone with North African influences called on the Finishing Touch to supply decorative mouldings for this already built modern home.  The addition of five round columns, each 200mm in diameter and 2.7metres high (model # RO200) with Tuscan capitals and Doric bases will ensure this house has a stunning façade. Another home in Old Warrandyte Road, Donvale required an Arch (model # M1), 120mm x 30mm, 1200 mm wide, along with 18 metres of parapet mouldings (model # P7180), 180mm x 95mm, 5 metres of window architraves (model # M1), 110mm x 30mm and 5.5 metres of flatband moulding (model # M120),  120mm x 30mm.

Architectural Mouldings Provide the Ultimate Decorative Finish


Once a house has been built the work is by no means over.  There’s still the fencing, outdoor areas and landscaping to be constructed and planted to create an attractive, complete living environment. The builders of a post-modern, fifty square home in Donvale at 7 Decontra Close recently finished the fencing with the addition of Victorian style wall caps for the fence line and fifteen Victorian style Pier caps, supplied by the Finishing Touch, creating a stunning  presence on the streetscape.
And what’s a home without windows? Not only are they essential for light, warmth and a view, but they can become a stylish feature with the addition of architectural mouldings. One hundred and thirty metres of window architraves ( model #DGA115A), each measuring 115mmx 40mm, together with fifty five metres of window sills (model # M13), each measuring 145mmx 175mm, were recently supplied to a build on the Ararat Lexton Road,  Lexton.
A post-modern, sixty five square home in Balwyn is under development.  The build requires one hundred and twenty metres of parapet mouldings (model # P8250), sized 250mm x 195mm, 10 window architraves (model # WDG8XY), sized 120mm x 50mm, 120 metres smaller parapet moulding ( model #P8200), sized 200mm x 155mm and arches for the windows. This home promises to emanate style.
The Finishing Touch have built a sound reputation for quality and long lasting architectural decorative mouldings.  They can supply only or builders can contract the Finishing Touch preferred installers Precise Profiles to do the installation. Where the preferred installer completes the installation of decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch, builders and owners are given a seven year warranty on all works.