Large Parapet Mouldings, French Provincial Parapets, Window Architraves & a Keystone

41 Nott St 2

Example of parapet mouldings supplied for a commercial apartment build

A new build in St. Kilda, Victoria, a commercial apartment building, 16 storeys high, will be finished with 270 metres in total of large parapet mouldings supplied and installed by The Finishing Touch. These large parapets mouldings, measuring 670mm x 600mm, will be placed on two levels. 135 metres of parapets per level will extend around the full perimeter of the building, creating a handsome finish to the building through the use of architectural decorative mouldings.

A large rural property in Strathdale, near Bendigo, Victoria will be supplied with three types of French Provincial parapet mouldings for the extensive residential home on the property. The parapets measure:
160mm x 150mm
120mm x 110mm
170mm x 150mm

Currently under development is a house in sought after area Palm Beach, north of Sydney in NSW. The property is 60 squares, architecturally designed and built in a rural style with weatherboards, a stone chimney and stonework around the base of the building.  The Finishing Touch would supply window architraves for all thirty five windows on the building.

Another house under development is in Caulfield, Victoria. This 45 square, post-modern, double storey home will be very stylish, being finished with a range of decorative mouldings. French Provincial parapet mouldings, measuring 180mm x 139mm, will extend around the entire perimeter of the building and window architraves for four windows with matching sills will be installed on the upper storey. The architraves measure 100mm x 45mm, with sills measuring 133mm x 90mm. Quoining panels, measuring 450mm long x 300mm high will extend out from the building by 40mm. A smaller parapet is to be used on the lower level, measuring 150mm x 100mm. Two French Provincial window architraves and matching sills, the same as for the top storey will decorate the lower storey. There will be a keystone to mark the entrance and six pier caps on the fencing.


A Large Commercial Project Uses Finishing Touch Mouldings in Port Melbourne

A large commercial project is underway for the Finishing Touch in inner Melbourne.  This large five storey apartment building with water views, situated at 41 Nott Street in Real Estate developer’s dream suburb of Port Melbourne was commenced a month ago and is expected to be completed pre-Christmas.

41 Nott St 2  Front of the building

Custom made mouldings have been used to help decorate four outside walls.  The mouldings are in the shape of vertical flat bands, reaching the roof. Each band is a different width at 100mm, 200mm, 400mm and 600mm wide with a 20mm thickness, they are spaced out at sporadic intervals.

41 Nott St finished side Unpainted mouldings

Although large mouldings, they will be fixed to the wall with adhesive, which will hold tight.  Following a technique called the ‘contact adhesive principle’ the adhesive is applied to the moulding, pressed on the wall and then removed. After waiting for 3-5 minutes for it to semi- dry the moulding is pressed back in place, where it remains fixed.  A white water based sealant is then applied to the edges, which becomes clear within a day.  At this stage the moulding can be painted. The mouldings are able to be butt joined (unlike traditional concrete mouldings) and a proprietary render formula is brushed over the join concealing the join.

41 Nott St Closer view of unpainted mouldings

The Finishing Touch mouldings are a unique design, manufactured from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene.  This is then triple coated with a multi-part compound and reinforced with another triple coating of sand, giving the moulds maximum strength and durability. These mouldings will not crack, shrink, expand or bend. Used to decorate a building to a traditional French Provincial, Georgian or Art Deco style, the mouldings can also be used for a modern design, as evidenced in this current project.