Decorative Mouldings for Building in Glen Waverley, Balwyn North and Doncaster

French provincial Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.

A Post-modern, 50 square home in Glen Waverley has a very elegant finish with the addition of quality, long lasting decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch. Supplied were: 109 metres of  parapet, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 149 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm, 73 metres of flatband, model # DGB1003, size 100mm x 30mm. Extra glamour on the façade with the addition of two arches one on the balcony and one on the entrance, made up of model # W11RV, size 150mm x 35mm architrave together with two keystones, model # Key340, size 340mm x 210mm x 145mm on top of the arches. At the top of the house two parapet scrolls, size 380mm x 690mm, add a flourish. The beautiful elegance of this property is continued on the fence line with eight French pier caps, size 490mm x 490mm.

Example of arch with keystone.

In Balwyn North the build of a 60 square French provincial home has been completed. Once again Finishing Touch lightweight, easy to install decorative mouldings add finesse and stylishness to the façade. Supplied were: 10 metres of parapet, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 130 metres of parapet, model # P8155, size 155mm x 120mm, 135 metres of stringer, model # S6R2, size 55mm x 27mm. All windows on the front façade and the entrance have been decorated with 74 metres of window architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm, 10 metres of windowsill, model # WS15, size 130mm x 65mm and 9 keystones, model # Key220, size 220mm x 150mm x 75mm.

Example of decorative mouldings, arches, keystones, columns, parapets.

In Doncaster a post-modern, 50 square home was supplied with lightweight decorative mouldings that beautifully enhance the building. A stylish finish was achieved with the addition of: 15 metres of parapet, model # PEC1, size 200mm x 200mm, 22 metres of parapet, model # P7270, size 270mm x 145mm, 87 metres of architrave, model # WP12, size 90mm x 35mm, 22 metres of stringer , model #S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm and 87 metres of quoining panel, model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm.

Finishing Touch – creating a quality decorative finish to your build.