Adding a Decorative Finish to Homes in Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Ringwood and Balwyn North.

Example of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings

The Finishing Touch are busy manufacturing decorative mouldings for the build of a 50 square post-modern house  in Glen Waverley, with installation expect in late August. Decorative mouldings being made include 175 metres of customised parapet mouldings, sized 220mm x 220m, 121 metres of window sill, model # WS15, being used for headers and sills , sized 130mm x 65mm, 107 metres of stringer mouldings, model # S2R4, sized 90m x 70mm, and to give a decorative finish to the fencing, six Small French pier caps, sized 490mm x 490mm and two custom sized Small French pier caps , sized 620mm x 620mm.

Currently under development is a post-modern property at Wheelers Hill of 60 squares , requiring 160 metres of parapet  model # P8250, sized 250mm x 195mm , 103 metres of parapet, model # P8155, sized 155mm x 120mm, 235 metres of window architrave, model #  W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm, 27 keystones model # Key220, 103 metres of quoining panel model # Q400, 430mm x 30mm on corners of the building and the porch area, 22 ballustrades size 410mm x 120mm x 130mm creating a decorative feature above the balcony. To cap it all off,  16  Small French pier caps , sized 490mm x 490mm.

ExFrench provincial Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.

A post-modern 50 squares property in Ringwood is under development, requiring 45 metres of parapet , model # P8120, sized 120mm x 90mm, 39 metres of flatband , model # DGB050, sized 50mm x 20mm, 67 metres of window architrave , model # WP12, sized 90mm x 35mm, 12 metres of window sill, model # WS15, sized 130mm x 165mm,and 50 metres of quoining panel, model # Q400, sized 430mm x 430mm.

Another property under development is a French provincial style home in Balwyn North . this large order includes 73 metres of parapet, model #  P8300, sized 300mm x 235mm, 60 metres of parapet, model # P8250, 250mm x 195mm, 66 metres of Window Architraves , model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm, 50 metres of quoining panel, model # Q400, sized 430mm x 430mm, 5.5 metres window sill, model # WS5R2, sized 135mm x 90mm, five arches made from window architraves, model # W1100, four with a span of 900mm and one with a span of 1500mm, add a special touch.  57 metres of stringer , model # S1R4, sized 90m x70mm , 10 keystones, model # Key220, 15 decorative corbels, model # COR8120, sized 475mm x 140mm, 127mm, and two columns straight, round, plain 350mm diameter with Corinthian capital and Doric base add more glamorous features to this build. See the full range of decorative mouldings.

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French Provincial Decorative Mouldings & Pier Caps


Great example of French provincial architecture by Phillip Mannerheim.

Decorative mouldings for houses built in the French provincial style and pier caps have been in demand over the last month at The Finishing Touch.

The Finishing Touch supplied a French provincial house in Cranbourne South with 12 metres of large parapet, model # P8430, sized 430mm x 335mm and 40 metres of model #P8350, top parapet, sized 350mm x 280mm, creating an interesting feature, sitting across the front of the house and porch, with dentals underneath, sized 100m x 100m x 30mm, spaced at 100mm intervals. A further 72 metres of parapet, model# P8300, sized 300mm x 235mm and 27 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm were supplied.

Windows were finished with 220 metres of window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm in picture frame style, with no sills or headers. Two quoining panels, 54 metres of model # Q500, sized 530mm x 530mm and 115 metres of model # Q300, sized 320mm x 30mm added a spectacular decorative feature to the façade. The front fence was completed with three plain pier caps, sized 420mm x 420mm.

Another French provincial home in Templestowe had a very stylish el fresco area built at the rear of the house. This was achieved with the addition of 5.4 metres of windowsill, model #WSR1, sized 140mm x 210mm, 18 metres of window architrave, model #WDG8XY, sized 120mm x 50mm, and 7 window arches, model # WDG8XY. Stringer, model # S6R2, sized 55mm x 27mm was used to create a picture frame, which is a feature set upon short columns at the bottom of the staircase. Around the whole el fresco area is 36 metres of parapet, model # P250YZ, sized 250mm x 205mm. 18 metres of stringer, model #S20, sized 75mm x 50mm and 6 metres of stringer, model # S19A, sized 260mm x 90mm also decorated the area.

We supplied a big property at Woodend in Victoria with 40 x plain pier caps, sized 370mm x 370mm and eight small French pier caps, sized 490mm x 490mm, were shipped to Guildford, NSW.

The Finishing Touch keeps the following Pier caps styles in stock for quick ordering and delivery:

Victorian, plain, and small French in 37omm x 370mm, 490mm x 490mm and 600mm x 600mm sizes, with a limited supply of size 370mm x 490mm.

Modern French, sized 490mm x 490mm.

Also Fence capping, in plain, small French, modern French styles.

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Finish The Build With Decorative Mouldings


A large 45 square, post-modern home in Fairfield is under construction and will be superbly finished with Finishing Touch decorative mouldings. The first floor will feature 25 metres of parapet mouldings, model # P8300, sized 300mm x 235mm, 62 metres of quoining panel, model # Q400, sized 430mm x 30mm, 17 metres of window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm and five and half metres of window sills with a reveal, model # WSR15, sized 135mm x 185mm. On the ground floor 15 metres of small parapet, model # P8200, size 200mm x 155mm, 15 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm, and 58 metres of quoining panels, model # Q400, sized 430mm x 30mm.

Windows will be elegantly finished with 11 metres of window architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm, three metres of window sill with reveal , model #WSR15, sze135mm x 185mm. This build is using DAP touch’n’seal Gunfoam II to adhese the lightweight mouldings.

A mansion in Mt Martha is currently being renovated and expanded. The renovation will use twenty round, tapered columns, sized 280mm tapering to 240mm together with Tuscan capitals and Doric bases. The results are sure to be stunning.

Decorative mouldings for fence caps and pier caps can greatly enhance the appearance of a property. Recently two post-modern units, 25 square metres each, in Bayswater required nine metres of plain fence capping to finish the front fence. In Balwyn North two houses on a dual occupancy corner block, both approx 30 squares each, required custom sized pier caps supplied by the Finishing Touch to complete the build. Nine Victorian pier caps were sized at 620mm x 420mm and nine French pier caps were sized at 420m x 420mm to suit the fence, which was constructed from block work.







Decorative Mouldings for Replica Maryborough Railway Station


The Finishing Touch generally supply decorative mouldings to house builds but every now and then something different crops up and this month we were asked to supply to a very different project. A replica railway station is being built in Harmony Court, Harcourt,Victoria. A network of rail lines is gradually spreading across the 65 acre Harcourt block, the ground work for miniature V/Line engines and small steam trains. They will set off from a half-size version of the impressive Maryborough station (pictured above artists’ impression). Eventually 24 kilometres of track will be laid, reperesenting a two hour round trip for tourists to the miniature railway.

The Finishing Touch supplied decorative mouldings for the build of the replica station, including French modern pier caps as chimneys, 45 metres of window sill, model # WS5, sized 130mm x 70mm, 120 metres of custom build flatband, sized 75mm x 30mm, for window architraves, 90 metres of flatband model # DGB100, sized 100mm x 20mm, for window reveals, 42 metres of quoining panel, model # Q200, sized 220mm x 30mm and 12 custom made decorative urns.

Using pier capsas chimneys on the replica building is novel, but there has also been a steady demand for pier caps for piers on fencing. Two builds were recently supplied with plain pier caps to suit 470mm x 470mm piers in Glen Waverley and Kew.

A 55 square French provincial residence in East Brighton was supplied with 208 metres of flatband mouldings, model # M120, sized 120mm x 130mm for the window architraves, 208 metres of parapet mouldings, model # P8155, sized 155mm x 120mm, 28 keystones model # Key220, 220ml high for each window and 82 metres of window sill, model # WS9, sized 160mm x 90mm.

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New Render Supplier for Builders and Tradies

18 Abercrombie St Deepdene close windows

The Finishing Touch have long prided themselves on supplying quality decorative mouldings that last and add value to a build. They have now expanded their range of building products to include render and rendering tools. In line with their core values they have sourced render products from suppliers that have a sound reputation for quality, Macrender and iQuip.

The products now being supplied through The Finishing Touch include MacRender (medium), a medium grade general purpose render for application to stable masonry based surfaces such as clay/concrete bricks and aerated concrete blocks/panels, MacRender HBS, a medium grade high bond strength render for application to demanding surfaces such as painted masonry and expanded polystyrene EIFS panels and MacRender Hi-build, a course grade lightweight render for thick section application.  A high performance polymer additive MacBond latex liquid is also available as well as render accessories such as angles, hawks, trowels and floats from iQuip.

It is very important that the footings, construction and structure of a house is sound and built to last. Finishing the build is just as important in terms of the design and look of the home and how it appears on the streetscape. Architectural, decorative mouldings such as parapet moulds, window architraves and sills provide a basic, handsome finish. To create interest and  glamour to the house additional decorative mouldings, such as columns, arches, corbels, quoinings and keystones, provide pizazz and a sense of style. A good render finish is also important and the quality and lasting properties of both the render and decorative mouldings is imperative to ensure satisfaction for the home owner.

Please call Steve De Gregorio on 03 9761 4774 or email to discuss your next build or renovation and get a no obligation quote. You can be assured of quality, service and a long lasting finish.


Esplanade Hotel, St. Kilda Sympathetic Renovations


The iconic Esplanade Hotel on the esplanade in St. Kilda, Melbourne (the Espy) was closed for three years for renovations under new owners hospitality group Sand Hill Road. The extensive restoration included three live music stages, 12 bars and two restaurants.

“The Gershwhin Room is the MCG of music for a lot of people, it’s really hallowed turf,” Mr Maskiell of Sand Hill Road group said “To not have one of the best band rooms and best music and arts hotels in Melbourne operating has been a real shame. To have new life in it, to have it up and about and up on its toes, I think it is symbolic of a really bright future in the area.”

The attention to detail through the restoration the team have brought to the beloved hotel is breathtaking.

Espy bar

The vision was to renovate the venue so it offered a diverse range of entertainment venues, from the old public bar to high end cocktail bars and restaurants.

Lined with 1980s Espy band posters, the public bar has retained its grungy feel and will host up-and-coming bands, keeping the Melbourne music scene alive.

A glass retractable ceiling in the main bar’s foyer shows off the hotel’s original 1878 building, which sits behind a facade built in the 1920s. Mr Maskiell said the group retained the historic parts of the hotel, restoring anything that was original, while replicating any that weren’t, keeping the same old-world feel. It is fascinating to see the beautiful decorative mouldings retained or restored from the original building. The fine detail and highly decorative designs hark to another time.

The upstairs level that was previously derelict now boasts a Cantonese restaurant and cocktail bars.

espy cocktail bar.jpg

‘The Ghost of Alfred Felton” cocktail bar on the top floor, is inspired by resident Alfred Felton who bequeathed his large fortune to the National Gallery of Victoria in 1904, elevating it to a buying league of international museums it would never again emulate.

The room features a 100-year-old bar and is adorned with art and antiques scoured from around the world to restore his old rooms to their former glory.

espy staircase