Decorative Mouldings Still Popular for French Provincial

The French provincial style of home is still very popular in Melbourne. The Finishing Touch have several projects supplying decorative mouldings to homes being built in this style.

A French provincial home of 60 squares in North Balwyn was supplied with two dormer windows with an overall height of 980mm, model #dormer 980, pictured below:

Also supplied were 32.5 metres of parapet, model # P7270, size 270mm x 145mm, 27.5 metres of smaller parapet, model #P7180, size180mm x 95mm, 53 metres of architraves, model #W1100, size100mm x 45mm, 14 metres of window sill, model  #WS5R2, size 135mm x 90mm and five window arches made from architrave, model  #W1100. 

The front façade was further decorated with the addition of six fluted pillisters, 360mm wide x 75mm thick x 2400 high, with two at either side far left and far right on both the upstairs and downstairs levels and two at either side of the entrance. The overall elegance of the French provincial style was carried through to the front fence with the addition of French small pier caps, three sized at 600mm x 490mm, with another three sized at 490mm x 490mm.

Another French provincial home of 20 squares is currently under development in Glen Iris. Here the interesting effect of flatbands is in full use with flatband model #M29, size 170mm x 30mm, fully wrapping around the eaves with the addition of 90mm x 40mm dentil blocks. The portico is also decorated with flatbands, six metres of model #M27 flatband, size 250m x 30mm, with another flatband underneath, model #M120, size 120mm x 30mm.

A large 50 square home in Camberwell in the French provincial style is also under development. This home is bound to exude glamour and sophistication with the extensive use of decorative mouldings.

32.5 metres of eave mouldings, model #PE4TR1, size 150mm x 150mm, 11 metres of parapets, model #P4200, 200mm x 195mm, 42.5 metres of smaller parapet model #P4125, 125mm x 120mm, 15 metres plinth mould model #DGPL600, 600mm x 55mm, 42.5 metres of stringer, model #S1R4, 90mm x 70mm.

Windows are decorated with 91 metres of window architrave, model #WDG8XY, size 120mm x 50mm, with six window arches made from the same architrave moulding.  Glamorous round, fluted and tapered columns, sized 560mm at the base x 490mm at the top with Doric bases and Tuscan caps will create a stunning effect.

Box Hill is the location of three post-modern units being supplied 260 metres of eave moulding, model  #PE4TR1, size150mm x 150mm, around the perimeter of the three units.

The Finishing Touch provide a top level service and sound advice to builders and home builders on the use of decorative mouldings. Steven Di Gregorio, owner and sales manager, has 15 years’ experience in the building industry supplying decorative mouldings with an experienced team behind him. Awareness of the latest trends in decorative mouldings and an ability to select the correct sizing ensures the finished build is on trend, enhanced and balanced. There is a danger that if the wrong sized moulding is installed the look will not be of the quality the build deserves and when the owner re-sells value will be lost.

The Finishing Touch provide top quality professional installers that will get the job right the first time. Beware of inexperienced tradesmen who are not professional moulding installers as the end product may lack quality, with unaligned joins, crooked lines and lack of preparation for paintwork resulting in an uneven paint surface. Using our preferred installation method of the DAP Touch’n’Seal adhesive with Hp4 ultra clear sealant corking/adhesive product for long term adhesion and water sealing gets the best results for now and the long term.

High Quality Decorative Mouldings In Demand


Great example of French provincial architecture by Phillip Mannerheim.

The Finishing Touch have been busy lately supplying a builders with high quality decorative mouldings.

A French provincial house of 45 squares in Glen Waverley has been elegantly finished with 17.5 metres of parapet moulding model # P250JV, size 250mm x 175mm, 17.5 metres of parapet moulding with corbels, model# P6240, size 240mm x 220mm and 60 x corbels model # C17, size 65mm x 80mm x 80mm. Windows have a quality finish with 64 metres of window architrave, model # M1, size 110mm x 30mm,13.5 metres of window sill, model # WS5R2, size 133mm x 91mm and 14 metres of window header, model # W190JV, size 180mm x 190mm.

Further decorative features are achieved with 45 metres of quoining panels, model # Q400, size 430mm x 30mm, 5 metres of stringer, model# S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm, 10 metres of column capitals GC4, size 168mm x 54mm and 10 metres of column base GC6, size 178mm x 80mm for brick square columns at the entrance porch.

A project under development is for three units in Blackburn, each thirty squares , in the post-modern style. Lightweight decorative mouldings required for this build consist of 242 metres of parapet, model # P190JV, size 190mm x 165mm, 60 metres of flatband, model # DGB100, 100mm x 20mm, 153metres customised flatband as architrave with reveal, size 120mm x 120mm and 12.5 metres of small parapet, used as a eave moulding, model # P130JV, size 130mm x 130mm,

A single level, post modern home of 25 squares in Officer, Victoria was supplied with 70 metres of parapet, model # P7220, size 220mm x 115mm, 63.5 metres of window architrave, model # WP12, size 90mm x35mm and 5 metres of window sill with reveal, model # WSR15, size 135mm x 185mm.

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Houses and Apartment Elegantly Adorned With Decorative Mouldings

25 Pakington st Kew

A recent job was for two units, post modern design, 25 squares each. The Finishing Touch supplied 44 metres of parapet moulding, model # EP28, size 170mm x 90mm, 72 metres of window architrave, model # W22, size 100mm x 30mm, 28 metres of window sill WS5, size 130mm x 70mm, 84 metres of quoining panel model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm and 90 metres of stringer, model # S60, size 60mm x 45mm. The elegance extended to the streetscape with Georgian pier caps, three 490mm x 490mm, and five custom sized 970mm x 490mm.

In Glen Waverley a French provincial, 55 square home was beautifully finished in decorative mouldings. 72 metres of eave parapet moulding, model # P8300, size 300mm x 235mm, a balcony arch made from parapet moulding, model # P8300, size 300mm x 235mm and 24 metres of quoining panel, model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm created a decorative finish. Eight windows were adorned with 56 metres of architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm,with a keystone Key150, size 150mm x 120mm. Two chimneys make a handsome statement with 18 metres of chimney moulds, model # P8155, size 155mm x 120mm,

Ever popular pier caps were supplied for a French provincial home in Glen Waverley. The streetscape was improved with nine pier caps, 7 x small French 490mm x 490mm and 2 x small French custom sized 480mm x 960m.

A house in Ballarat, under development, will have a highly decorative finish with the addition of 350 metres of architrave, model # W19D, size 120mm x 55mm, 261 metres of eave moulding, model # PE16, size 160mm x 150mm, 201 metres of custom design plinth 800mm x 30mm around perimeter of the base and 88 metres of window sill model # WSR1, size140mm x 210mm.

A house in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, will be undergoing an exotic addition with eighteen columns, round, plain, tapered with 300mm Doric base and 250mm Tuscan capital for each column.





French Provincial Decorative Mouldings & Pier Caps


Great example of French provincial architecture by Phillip Mannerheim.

Decorative mouldings for houses built in the French provincial style and pier caps have been in demand over the last month at The Finishing Touch.

The Finishing Touch supplied a French provincial house in Cranbourne South with 12 metres of large parapet, model # P8430, sized 430mm x 335mm and 40 metres of model #P8350, top parapet, sized 350mm x 280mm, creating an interesting feature, sitting across the front of the house and porch, with dentals underneath, sized 100m x 100m x 30mm, spaced at 100mm intervals. A further 72 metres of parapet, model# P8300, sized 300mm x 235mm and 27 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm were supplied.

Windows were finished with 220 metres of window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm in picture frame style, with no sills or headers. Two quoining panels, 54 metres of model # Q500, sized 530mm x 530mm and 115 metres of model # Q300, sized 320mm x 30mm added a spectacular decorative feature to the façade. The front fence was completed with three plain pier caps, sized 420mm x 420mm.

Another French provincial home in Templestowe had a very stylish el fresco area built at the rear of the house. This was achieved with the addition of 5.4 metres of windowsill, model #WSR1, sized 140mm x 210mm, 18 metres of window architrave, model #WDG8XY, sized 120mm x 50mm, and 7 window arches, model # WDG8XY. Stringer, model # S6R2, sized 55mm x 27mm was used to create a picture frame, which is a feature set upon short columns at the bottom of the staircase. Around the whole el fresco area is 36 metres of parapet, model # P250YZ, sized 250mm x 205mm. 18 metres of stringer, model #S20, sized 75mm x 50mm and 6 metres of stringer, model # S19A, sized 260mm x 90mm also decorated the area.

We supplied a big property at Woodend in Victoria with 40 x plain pier caps, sized 370mm x 370mm and eight small French pier caps, sized 490mm x 490mm, were shipped to Guildford, NSW.

The Finishing Touch keeps the following Pier caps styles in stock for quick ordering and delivery:

Victorian, plain, and small French in 37omm x 370mm, 490mm x 490mm and 600mm x 600mm sizes, with a limited supply of size 370mm x 490mm.

Modern French, sized 490mm x 490mm.

Also Fence capping, in plain, small French, modern French styles.

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Finish The Build With Decorative Mouldings


A large 45 square, post-modern home in Fairfield is under construction and will be superbly finished with Finishing Touch decorative mouldings. The first floor will feature 25 metres of parapet mouldings, model # P8300, sized 300mm x 235mm, 62 metres of quoining panel, model # Q400, sized 430mm x 30mm, 17 metres of window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm and five and half metres of window sills with a reveal, model # WSR15, sized 135mm x 185mm. On the ground floor 15 metres of small parapet, model # P8200, size 200mm x 155mm, 15 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm, and 58 metres of quoining panels, model # Q400, sized 430mm x 30mm.

Windows will be elegantly finished with 11 metres of window architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm, three metres of window sill with reveal , model #WSR15, sze135mm x 185mm. This build is using DAP touch’n’seal Gunfoam II to adhese the lightweight mouldings.

A mansion in Mt Martha is currently being renovated and expanded. The renovation will use twenty round, tapered columns, sized 280mm tapering to 240mm together with Tuscan capitals and Doric bases. The results are sure to be stunning.

Decorative mouldings for fence caps and pier caps can greatly enhance the appearance of a property. Recently two post-modern units, 25 square metres each, in Bayswater required nine metres of plain fence capping to finish the front fence. In Balwyn North two houses on a dual occupancy corner block, both approx 30 squares each, required custom sized pier caps supplied by the Finishing Touch to complete the build. Nine Victorian pier caps were sized at 620mm x 420mm and nine French pier caps were sized at 420m x 420mm to suit the fence, which was constructed from block work.







Decorative Mouldings for House Builds in January


January is often a quiet month for builders but orders for Finishing Touch decorative mouldings  are beginning to come through.

A build of a French provincial home in Springvale has a grand entrance indeed, featuring eight round, straight, plain columns 350mm in diameter with Corinthian capitals and Doric bases, with a pair of parapet scrolls atop the house. Other decorative mouldings have helped create a splendid finish, with 72 metres of parapet moulding, model # P8300, size 300mm x 235mm, 110 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm, 58 metres of parapet moulding, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 240 metres of window architraves, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm and 61 metres of window sills, model # WSR15, size 135mm x 185mm.

A builder has ordered 175 metres of model # P8120, being used as a small parapet mould, size 120mm x 90mm, for three post modern units in Mount Waverley, together with 140 metres of window architrave, model # WP12, size 90mm x 35mm.

The steady demand for pier caps has continued from last year, with an order for two units in Balwyn North of nine Victorian pier caps, size 420 x 420 and eight small French pier caps, size 420mm x 420mm. As the property is a corner block, with each unit facing a different street, the builder has used the different styles of pier cap to create a different look in each street. A New South Wales builder has ordered nine French modern pier caps, size 490mm x 490mm, which have been shipped to North Turramurra in Sydney.

A property in the town of Diggers Rest, Victoria has been finished with 65 metres of a six stepped style of parapet moulding, model # M258S, size 270mm x 200mm.

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Quality Finishes on Houses in December


43 Hilda St, Balwyn front

The end of the year approaches and the Finishing Touch are proud of the quality of the decorative mouldings they have supplied to builders in Melbourne, Victoria and some interstate during the year. This month we have supplied decorative mouldings for some interesting builds.

In Camberwell a 60 square metre, French provincial style house features 43 metres of custom made dome shape architraves, sized 100mm x 50mm supplied by the Finishing Touch. Also supplied were 74 metres of parapet, model # P8350, sized 350mm x 280mm and 27 metres of stringer, model # S60, sized 60mm x 45mm.

A three storey, post modern house in Mount Burnett, Victoria looks resplendent with eleven square, tapered columns, sized 350/290mm, with Tuscan capitals and Doric bases. The build was finished with 25 metres of parapet, model # P8250, sized 250mm x 195mm, 20 metres of parapet, model # P8120, sized 120mm x 90mm, 107 metres of parapet, model # P8300, sized 300m x 235mm and eight metres of stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm.

In North Balwyn a Georgian style house was finished with 38 metres of parapet moulding, model #P79GGEO, sized 225mm x 165mm in the Georgian style, 11 metres of stringer, model # S1RV, sized 90mm x 70mm, 131 metres of flatband for the architraves, model #M120, sized 120mm x 30mm, for the first floor. On the ground floor 65 metres of flatband, model # M25, sized 150mm x 30mm was used to create six arches above doorways, as well as being used for garage mouldings.

Two units, in the post-modern style, each 35 squares, in Camberwell were supplied with Finishing Touch mouldings. 117 metres of flatband was used to create window architraves, using model # DGB1003, sized 100mm x 30mm, with 45 metres of window sill, model #WS15, sized 130mm x 65mm to decorate the windows. Parapet eaves were supplied, with 108 metres of model # PE8 , sized 150mm x 240mm and 143 metres of parapet moulding , model #P7270 for the ground floor, sized at 270mm x 145mm.


We wish all our customers and readers a very Merry Christmas and look forward to supplying quality decorative mouldings and render in the New Year.








Decorative Mouldings for Replica Maryborough Railway Station


The Finishing Touch generally supply decorative mouldings to house builds but every now and then something different crops up and this month we were asked to supply to a very different project. A replica railway station is being built in Harmony Court, Harcourt,Victoria. A network of rail lines is gradually spreading across the 65 acre Harcourt block, the ground work for miniature V/Line engines and small steam trains. They will set off from a half-size version of the impressive Maryborough station (pictured above artists’ impression). Eventually 24 kilometres of track will be laid, reperesenting a two hour round trip for tourists to the miniature railway.

The Finishing Touch supplied decorative mouldings for the build of the replica station, including French modern pier caps as chimneys, 45 metres of window sill, model # WS5, sized 130mm x 70mm, 120 metres of custom build flatband, sized 75mm x 30mm, for window architraves, 90 metres of flatband model # DGB100, sized 100mm x 20mm, for window reveals, 42 metres of quoining panel, model # Q200, sized 220mm x 30mm and 12 custom made decorative urns.

Using pier capsas chimneys on the replica building is novel, but there has also been a steady demand for pier caps for piers on fencing. Two builds were recently supplied with plain pier caps to suit 470mm x 470mm piers in Glen Waverley and Kew.

A 55 square French provincial residence in East Brighton was supplied with 208 metres of flatband mouldings, model # M120, sized 120mm x 130mm for the window architraves, 208 metres of parapet mouldings, model # P8155, sized 155mm x 120mm, 28 keystones model # Key220, 220ml high for each window and 82 metres of window sill, model # WS9, sized 160mm x 90mm.

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Build With Style and Elegance

Phillip Mannerheim design

The Finishing Touch continue to supply quality, decorative mouldings to Melbourne builders for residences being constructed in the suburbs of Melbourne. They also ship decorative mouldings to builders in country Victoria and interstate on occasion. They have built a strong reputation for supply of reliable, long lasting, light weight products that ensure a spectacular finish to any build.

For example, this year, in September, Finishing Touch supplied decorative mouldings for parapets, eaves, window architraves and window sills for a build of two French provincial style townhouses, 30 squares each, in Camberwell. They also supplied a grand French provincial, two storey, 45 square home in Taylors Hills with three different types of French provincial parapets, window architraves and window sills as well as eight window arches and two tapered columns for the front entrance with Tuscan capitals and Doric bases.

This build in Templestowe illustrates how extra flair can be created with the addition of other decorative mouldings, such as stringer mouldings, quoinings and chimney mouldings


18 Abercrombie St Deepdene close windows

In addition to the more usual parapet eave mouldings, French provincial window architraves and French provincial window sills. Rivets and a keystone attached to the arched window above the entrance gave a further dimension of elegance.

Creating grandeur is now within reach of the average builder, for example a build in country Victoria, Bendigo, earlier this year was supplied with twelve tapered columns from the Finishing Touch as well as pier caps to be installed by the builder, providing the finishing touches to a grand country mansion.

The Finishing Touch have an extensive range of decorative mouldings and can also provide custom made sizing or design for any decorative mouldings to suit your architectural style. Call (03) 9761 4774 or email

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French provincial decorative mouldings and render products

7 Henley St with garage

Example of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.

The Finishing Touch are suppliers of quality building products, specialising in beautiful finishes, making homes spectacular. They have a sound reputation amongst builders for supplying long lasting, high quality lightweight decorative mouldings. They are now suppliers of builders’ complete render and decorative mouldings needs; having recently moved into the supply of render products carrying four well respected brands.

They recently supplied decorative mouldings to a build of two French provincial style townhouses, 30 squares each, in Camberwell. The house was finished with 142 metres of parapet, model # P7270, sized 270mm x 145mm, and107 metres parapet eave, model # PE8, sized 150mm x 240mm. Windows were decorated with 117 metres window architraves, model # DGB103, sized 100mm x 30mm, and 45 metres of window sills, model # WS15, sized 130mm x 65mm.

A Builder has specified 110 meters of flatband, model # M120, sized at 120mm x 30mm, and 110 metres of parapet, model # P8155, sized at 155mm x 120mm for a build in Brighton, which were delivered this week.

The Finishing Touch are now stocking the Nu Tex Coatings range of renders:

NuREND Plus is a premium basecoat render designed for smooth application for masonry surfaces. A thin coat is applied to brick or other masonry substrates, usually finished with a diamond float.

NuREND High build is a polymer modified, cement-based render for high-build application over masonry surfaces, covering uneven brickwork.

NuCLAD Basecoat is a premium quality polymer modified render designed specifically for application to expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Marbletex Wet Texture is a decorative, low build protective coating displaying excellent resistance to weathering and atmospheric chemicals. The finish will resemble that of a coarse granule render which is sponge floated.

Order your render products and decorative mouldings in one go from the Finishing Touch.