Decorative Exterior Mouldings Add The Glamour Touch

Four units have just been built in Glen Iris and Finishing Touch decorative mouldings are currently being installed. Each unit is 25 squares, two storey and post-modern in design. The 48 metres of eave mouldings, model # PE8, sized 150mm x 240mm have been supplied and are being installed together with 94 metres of eave mouldings, model # PE29, sized 150mm x65mm. On the first floor 237 metres of flatband mouldings, model # DGB100, sized 100mm x 20mm as well as 187 metres of parapets, model # P8250, sized 250mm x 195mm were supplied for installation. On the ground floor 257 metres of flatband moulding, model # DGB100, sized 100mm x 20mm was also supplied, ready for installing.

A 65 square home in the ever popular style, French provincial, in Glen Iris will boast two storeys and a basement. Currently under development, the build requires a large number of decorative mouldings , including:

76 metres of French provincial parapets, model # M23, sized 265mm x 120mm, 148 metres of French provincial stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm and 12 metres of French provincial flatband, model # DGB1003, sized 100mm x 30mm. The building features 44 windows with arches over many of the windows.  210 metres of French provincial window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm and 57 metres of French provincial window sills, model # WS15, sized 130mm x 65mm will decorate the windows.  There will also be 88 individual truss corbels, model # Truss1, sized 200mm x 200mm x 40mm and 9.6 metres of quoinings, model #Q300, sized 320mm x 30mm to add to the undoubted glamour of this home.

A post-modern, fifty square, two storey property in Brighton is currently under development  To complete the exterior façade of the home the builder requires the following decorative architectural mouldings:

95 metres of parapet, model # M23, sized 265mm x 120mm, 120 metres of window sill, model # WS15, sized 130mm x 65mm, which will be used as a stringer, 25 metres of parapet, model # M24, sized 180mm x 120mm, 220 metres of window architrave, model # W22, sized 100mm x 30mm along with 45 metres of window sills, model # WS15, sized 130mm x 75mm for the windows on the property.

View the extensive range of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings or request custom built decorative mouldings to suit your specific build needs.


DAP Adhesive and Sealant Products Expanding Into Australia

This week The Finishing Touch Owner/Manager, Steve De Gregorio met with DAP Representative, Manager Export and International Sales, J. Eduardo Seuc to discuss the expansion of the DAP Touch’n’Seal products in Australia.

Currently the Finishing Touch are distributors for the range of sealing products and applicators, but to date have been concentrating on supplying products specifically suited for adhesion of their lightweight, decorative mouldings to their residential building clients. Following recent discussions with DAP’s Representative they will be embarking on an expansion program for the distribution of the DAP products in Australia. As part of this expansion they will be targeting the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, landscape and construction suppliers and window installers.

The DAP  Touch n Seal Gun Foam II is the product currently being sold to the Finishing Touch building clients to use as an adhesive for decorative mouldings, along with the Sharpshooter D Gun foam applicator and has been very well received. One of the new target markets, window installers working on major construction projects will find the No-Warp Foam Window & Door Insulating Sealant ideal due to its low expansion and pressure during curing. They will find that windows and doors won’t bow or jamb because it exerts up to 95% less bowing pressure than competitive foams.

The Refrigeration and air-conditioning industry need a reliable, effective foam that creates a strong seal to retain the air temperature in the room created by refrigeration. The Finishing Touch will introduce the Touch n Seal All Seasons Polyurethane Foam Sealant to this industry, as it is designed to fill and seal cracks and gaps up to 38mm wide with no shrinkage and can be applied at low temperatures, as low as -6.6C. Landscapers will also be introduced to a new product, the Black Foam Polyurethane Foam Sealant, used to bond landscaped rocks in rockeries and rock pools. It blends in, doesn’t require painting, won’t discolour and is UV resistant.

All enquiries about these products should be made directly to the Finishing Touch.


French Provincial Style Decorative Mouldings For Modern House Builds

A fine example of Column Mouldings

A French provincial home of fifty squares situated at Gwenda Avenue, Canterbury  will look resplendent with two columns 3 metres high, each with a diameter of 400 mm, set upon Tuscan bases and topped with Tuscan capitals, all supplied by the Finishing Touch.

The decorative finish to the build and French provincial style was achieved with the addition of 72 metres of French provincial under gutter moulding, model # PE 70, sized 70mm x 70mm, 127 metres of French provincial parapet moulding, model # P4160, sized 160mm x 160mm, and for the thirty three windows 245 metres of French provincial window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm and 19 metres of window sills, model # WSR15, sized 135mm x 185mm. Further decoration was added with 49 metres of quoining panel, model # Q300, 320mm x 30mm. Finishing Touch decorative mouldings can be viewed here.

The DAP system is highly recommended for adhering the lightweight decorative moulds to the building, and the Finishing Touch supplied thirteen Touch’n’Seal cans for this build.

The project for the build of a French provincial, two storey, fifty square home at 77 Maltravers Road, Ivanhoe is now progressing. This home will feature a widow’s walk.

Decorative mouldings, as shown in this blueprint,  have now been produced:

Custom made eave mouldings, sized 325mm x 250mm.

Custom made quoining panels to decorate the front of the house, sized at 630mm x 30mm.

Parapet mouldings, model # P400, sized 300mm x 285mm for the lower parapet. Another smaller parapet, model # P4160, sized 160mm x 160mm, as a stringer under the lower parapet.

Also, a parapet for the chimney, model # P8250, sized 250mm x 195mm and stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm.

Under gutter moulding, model # PE70, sized 70mm x 70mm provides an attractive finish to gutters.

Window architraves, model # WP12, sized 90mm x30mm, and the seven windows upstairs have window sills that are in fact usually used as window headers, model # WH1A, sized 175mm x 170mm, demonstrating the flexibility of use of decorative moulding styles.

On the balcony above the entrance  a single arch, 2 metres wide , model # WP12, sized 90mm x 30mm provides a lovely finish.


Building Reviews Come Under Legal Scrutiny

These days if you want to know something what do you do? You google it. In this online world customers trust review sites to decide whether a supplier has credibility. The rating they receive from other customers influences decision making. So, you have to look twice when you realise that a Perth residential building company set up two online review websites for themselves. The Federal Court found Aveling Homes operated and controlled two websites — Aveling Homes product reviews and First Home Owners Centre product reviews — but represented them as independent of the firm. The court also found that they represented their sites as being affiliated with the website, when that was not the case.

The review sites appear to have been set up for the express intention of giving Aveling Homes a forum in which to represent themselves as receiving high customer satisfaction and five star ratings for their construction work. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Simms said the building company held back bad reviews to give a more favourable impression of its services. He said “Consumers are increasingly relying on online review websites to assist with their purchasing decisions and they expect those review sites to be independent and unbiased.” The court found that 133 reviews were not published, 45 of those were less than three stars, skewing the overall star rating for Aveling Homes in their favour.

They were fined $380,000 for engaging in conduct liable to mislead the public and their Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Sean Quartermaine, was also fined $25,000.

Another interesting development in review sites is the situation with Wisdom Homes. says it has been forced to remove reviews for this builder after being threatened with legal action. Apparently Wisdom Homes has a clause in its customers’ contracts that bans customers from writing an “announcement, blog, public statement or article for publication” without the company’s permission. One wonders why a building company would take this extraordinary step. sees this as a dangerous precedent that threatens customers’ right-to-review.

Our New Year’s Gift 10% Off All Decorative Mouldings

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is around the corner and the Finishing Touch have just received their Christmas gift – four container loads of architectural decorative mouldings from our overseas plant.  Lightweight and of excellent quality, these exterior mouldings are made to last and add a quality finish to any house build.  Because we have received such abundance we are passing on our good fortune to all our customers with a New Year offer of 10% off all decorative mouldings all January.  We understand that many builders take a break over January, so we advise you to place a pre-order with us before you go on leave.  We are happy to give the 10% discount, even if you don’t want delivery until after January 2018.

We will be closed from 22nd December to 8th January, but you can order your decorative mouldings by filling in details on the contact form here.

Our range of exterior decorative mouldings includes French provincial styles, arches, round and square columns, window headers, sills and architraves, keystones, quoinings, corbels, parapets, flatbands, under gutter mouldings and eave mouldings. See the full range with sizing on our products page.

Our decorative mouldings will not crack, shrink, expand or bend as they are made to exacting manufacturing standards.  We recommend all our customers use the DAP system for adhering mouldings to buildings.

Or we can provide installers to do it for you. Our 7 year warranty is your peace of mind.

We wish all our customers and potential customers a very Happy Christmas, enjoyable festive season and safe travels. Thank you for your support during 2017.


Arches, Columns, Keystones Glamourous Decorative Mouldings

It’s pre-Christmas and the Finishing Touch is busy supplying quotes and product to customers before the festivities of Christmas Day begin.  A single storey, 30 square post-modern home in Werribee is currently under development. The build require 9.6 metres of large parapet, model # P8430, 430mm x 335mm, 12 metres of under gutter moulding, model # PE70, 70mm x 70mm, 65.4 metres of window architrave, model # W1100, 100mm x 45mm, 3 metres of window sills, model # WSR1, 140mm x 20mm, two arches, model # W1100, 100mm x 45mm, 2 metres across, two keystones, model # GK10, 10.2 metres of a smaller parapet, model # P8300, 300mm x 235mm, 16.8 metres of parapet (even smaller), model # P8250, 250mm x 195mm.  The DAP Touch N Seal system will also be supplied for adhering the lightweight, decorative mouldings.


A French provincial, sixty square, two storey home is also under development in Kew. To be supplied are – 158 metres of eave parapet moulding, model # P8300, 300mm x 235mm, 152 metres of window architraves, model # WP12, 90mm x 30mm, 53 metres of quoining, model # Q300, 320mm, 30mm, 7.2 metres of window sills, model # WS3DL, 130mm x 70mm, 67 metres of flatband, model # PWB05O, 50mm x 20mm. The home will ooze glamour with 25 keystones, model # KS55, 16 arches 900mm wide, model # WP12, 90mm x 30mm, 170 corbels, model # C17, 66mm x 80mm x 150mm and two fluted columns, each 3 metres high. model #CLRFH4, 350mm diameter,. The DAP Touch N Seal system will be supplied for adhering the decorative mouldings.


Finishing Touch supplies the DAP Touch n Seal system at very competitive prices to builders purchasing their high quality, lightweight decorative mouldings.  This system is highly recommended by the Finishing Touch and also available to installers, renderers and ancillary trades.


Lightweight, Long Lasting Decorative Architectural Mouldings

When builders look for high quality, lightweight architectural mouldings they know they can trust the Finishing Touch brand.  Currently the Finishing Touch are under consideration to supply a French provincial two storey, fifty square home in Ivanhoe on a project under development with the following high quality, architectural mouldings:

63 metres of eave moulding, custom made 325mm x 250mm

21 metres of parapet moulding, model # P400, 300mm x 285mm for the lower parapet

21 metres parapet used as stringer for the lower parapet, model # P4160, 160mm x 160mm,

7.8 metres of parapet for the chimney, model # P8250, 250mm x 195mm

7.8 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, 90mm x 70mm

60 metres of under gutter moulding, model # PE70, 70mm x 70mm

54 metres of window architrave, model # WP12, 90mm x30mm,

12 metres of window header, being used as the window sill, model # WH1A, 175mm x 170mm for the seven windows upstairs

225 metres quoining panels custom made, 630mm x 30mm used across the front of the house for decoration

Single arch 2 metres wide above the entrance, model # WP12, 90mm x 30mm.

The Finishing Touch mouldings can be viewed here.


A single storey dwelling, post-modern, farm house in Drouin was supplied with 15 metres of parapet moulding, model # P29, 155mm x 65mm and 9.6 metres of flatband, model # DGB1003, 100mm x 30mm. The Finishing Touch custom made two arches ahjf100mm x 30mm.


All Finishing Touch mouldings are adhered with DAP Touch’N’Seal products (gun foam seal) which is either supplied directly to the builder or used by the Finishing Touch installers. Seven year warranty on all Finishing Touch mouldings.


High level commercial unit construction in Edithvale supplied with Finishing Touch decorative mouldings. Previously a range of decorative mouldings had been supplied  and installed for this project by the Finishing Touch who are now supplying extra flatband decorative mouldings. 150 metres flatband mouldings, model # DGB100, 100mm x 20mm.