Decorative Mouldings for Building in Glen Waverley, Balwyn North and Doncaster

French provincial Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.

A Post-modern, 50 square home in Glen Waverley has a very elegant finish with the addition of quality, long lasting decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch. Supplied were: 109 metres of  parapet, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 149 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm, 73 metres of flatband, model # DGB1003, size 100mm x 30mm. Extra glamour on the façade with the addition of two arches one on the balcony and one on the entrance, made up of model # W11RV, size 150mm x 35mm architrave together with two keystones, model # Key340, size 340mm x 210mm x 145mm on top of the arches. At the top of the house two parapet scrolls, size 380mm x 690mm, add a flourish. The beautiful elegance of this property is continued on the fence line with eight French pier caps, size 490mm x 490mm.

Example of arch with keystone.

In Balwyn North the build of a 60 square French provincial home has been completed. Once again Finishing Touch lightweight, easy to install decorative mouldings add finesse and stylishness to the façade. Supplied were: 10 metres of parapet, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 130 metres of parapet, model # P8155, size 155mm x 120mm, 135 metres of stringer, model # S6R2, size 55mm x 27mm. All windows on the front façade and the entrance have been decorated with 74 metres of window architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm, 10 metres of windowsill, model # WS15, size 130mm x 65mm and 9 keystones, model # Key220, size 220mm x 150mm x 75mm.

Example of decorative mouldings, arches, keystones, columns, parapets.

In Doncaster a post-modern, 50 square home was supplied with lightweight decorative mouldings that beautifully enhance the building. A stylish finish was achieved with the addition of: 15 metres of parapet, model # PEC1, size 200mm x 200mm, 22 metres of parapet, model # P7270, size 270mm x 145mm, 87 metres of architrave, model # WP12, size 90mm x 35mm, 22 metres of stringer , model #S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm and 87 metres of quoining panel, model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm.

Finishing Touch – creating a quality decorative finish to your build.

Custom Designed Decorative Mouldings for Phillip Mannerheim French provincial Home

A Phillip Mannerheim design

A beautiful, two storey, fifty square Phillip Mannerheim designed home at 4 Elphinstone Court, Kew after the French provincial style has been finished with custom designed decorative mouldings from the Finishing Touch.  The home carries the distinctive style of this popular Victorian Architect. Such a home demands the best in quality and the Finishing Touch were pleased to supply the following in lightweight, quality mouldings :

70 metres of parapet eave moulding, sized 150mm x 150mm.

A 9.6 metre front centre moulding, measuring 300mm x 200mm.

A 4 metre top moulding as the centrepiece at the buildings mitre peak, measuring 840mm x 600mm.

50 metres of window architraves, sized 120mm x 50mm with 50 metres reveal (scotia) sized 70mm x 100mm.  The windows all have custom made decorative blocks.

Two parapet scrolls (model # PAR7889) on top of the building either side of the top moulding.

Two special keystones (model nos. KEY8230, KEY8229).

A two storey, French Provincial home of sixty squares with a traditional French Provincial pitched roof has been constructed at 16 Stroud Street, Balwyn with a large number of standard and custom made mouldings from the Finishing Touch. They included:

144 metres of large eave moulding (model # P4240), sized 240mm x 225mm, for the upper storey and lower roof line.

24 metres of under gutter moulding (model # PE70), sized 70mm x 70mm, on the front of the house façade for the upper floor.

34 metres of window architraves (model #W1100), sized 100mm x 45mm, for eight windows at the front of the building.

12 metres of window sills (model # WSR15), sized 135mm x 185mm.

8 arches around the windows.

22 metres of parapet moulding to form a façade between the first and ground floor (model # P8200), sized 200mm x 155mm.

Beneath the parapet façade 17 metres of stringer mouldings (model #SIR4), sized 90mm x 70mm.

85 custom made feature blocks cut into squares to be dentils between the façade and the stringer were manufactured to specification.

55 metres of quoinings (model # Q300), sized 320mm x 30mm.

A custom made decorative moulding in the form of a 400mm x 200mm parapet was supplied by the Finishing Touch for a renovation of an outdoor room/living area in Clendon Rd, Toorak.


Lightweight, Architectural Mouldings Create a Decorative Finish to Buildings and Landscapes Alike

A fine example of Column Mouldings

A fine example of Column Mouldings

A total of twenty one columns will add a stunning presence to an Aged Care Facility in Mornington. The Finishing Touch will supply and install twelve six metre high columns and nine three metre high square columns.

A post-modern, double storey, fifty square property in Vermont is currently under development. The build will require sixty metres of stepped flatbands, thirty six metres of window architraves for eight windows, model # WI100, measuring 100mm x 45mm. Also, window sills to three windows, model # WSRI and measuring 140mm x 210mm.

Another property under development is situated in Balwyn. The two storey, post-modern, fifty square home is a big job, requiring a large amount of decorative moulding.  The build will use eight metres of parapet moulding, model # P7360, measuring 360mm x 190mm, sixty metres of a smaller parapet, model # P7140, measuring140mm x 75mm, ninety metres of window architraves for 24 windows, model # WI100, measuring 100mm x 45mm with window sills to suit, model # WSRI with reveal, measuring 140mm x 210mm. Another sixty metres of parapet mouldings will be installed mid level between the first and second floors, delineating between the two storeys. Model # P7220, measuring 220mm x 115mm, will be used and another parapet, model #P7140, measuring 140mm x 75mm, installed underneath, as a stringer. Brick, rendered columns at the front of the house will be finished with  110 metres of stringer, model #S6R2, measuring 55mm x 27mmto create a facia.

From stunning homes and  entrances to landscaping, a Landscaper, New Shapes Landscaping, from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne is using Finishing Touch pier caps, in a Victorian style, measuring 490mm x 490mm, to create a highly decorative finish to fencing.

Decorative Moudings Supplied For Units, Rural Properties and Landscaping

Decorative mouldings supplied by Finishing Touch

Decorative mouldings supplied by Finishing Touch

A supply only order for Orange Building Solutions was delivered recently to 1-5 Neil Court, Blackburn South. The three storey building of ten units was finished with ten Finishing Touch panel mouldings, each with a height of 1380mm, width of 1200mm and depth of 150mm with 200mm between each point of the corrugations. The panels make up a twelve metre wall and have a customised profile to fit with the overall design of the building, they will be rendered to match the external look of the building.

A project currently under development is for two post-modern style units, side by side, with a minimalist look. In this instance one hundred and forty metres of flatband mouldings have been used, measuring 170mm x 30mm, (model # M29), to accentuate the lines of the building, which shows that decorative mouldings can be used on any modern building, no matter the style.

The Finishing Touch were pleased to supply decorative mouldings to a second property for a well-known regional rural builder. The lightweight mouldings were delivered to Lexton, Ballarat in rural Victoria. The project required one hundred and fifteen metres of window arches, measuring 115mm x 40mm (model # DGA115A), fifty five metres of window sills, measuring 145mm x 175mm, plain window sill with reveal (model #M13).

Branching out to supply landscapers, the Finishing Touch recently supplied decorative mouldings to a large landscape company located in Box Hill that services the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including Canterbury, Camberwell, Kew, Deepdene and Balwyn.  Nine pier caps measuring 490mm x 490mm were supplied, along with thirty two metres of custom built, plain wall capping to suit.  Manufacturing and supplying specifically designed architectural mouldings for landscape situations is now a growing part of the Finishing Touch business.

Architectural Mouldings Provide the Ultimate Decorative Finish


Once a house has been built the work is by no means over.  There’s still the fencing, outdoor areas and landscaping to be constructed and planted to create an attractive, complete living environment. The builders of a post-modern, fifty square home in Donvale at 7 Decontra Close recently finished the fencing with the addition of Victorian style wall caps for the fence line and fifteen Victorian style Pier caps, supplied by the Finishing Touch, creating a stunning  presence on the streetscape.
And what’s a home without windows? Not only are they essential for light, warmth and a view, but they can become a stylish feature with the addition of architectural mouldings. One hundred and thirty metres of window architraves ( model #DGA115A), each measuring 115mmx 40mm, together with fifty five metres of window sills (model # M13), each measuring 145mmx 175mm, were recently supplied to a build on the Ararat Lexton Road,  Lexton.
A post-modern, sixty five square home in Balwyn is under development.  The build requires one hundred and twenty metres of parapet mouldings (model # P8250), sized 250mm x 195mm, 10 window architraves (model # WDG8XY), sized 120mm x 50mm, 120 metres smaller parapet moulding ( model #P8200), sized 200mm x 155mm and arches for the windows. This home promises to emanate style.
The Finishing Touch have built a sound reputation for quality and long lasting architectural decorative mouldings.  They can supply only or builders can contract the Finishing Touch preferred installers Precise Profiles to do the installation. Where the preferred installer completes the installation of decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch, builders and owners are given a seven year warranty on all works.

Decorative Mouldings Supplier Moves Premises and Completes Large Project For Apartment Complex


The Finishing Touch has been busy moving to new premises at Factory 6, 143 Canterbury Road in Kilsyth. With the move they now have a new telephone number. This change represents an upgrade to a more modern factory with better facilities and larger space for storage, which will be particularly helpful for Finishing Touch’s installer Precise Profiles.

A large project recently undertaken to manufacture and install lightweight mouldings was for a substantial block of apartments at 336 Glenferrie Road, Malvern being built by Krongold Constructions. This apartment complex is a post-modern, three storey high building with a fifty six squares top floor, thirty squares second floor, fifty six squares ground floor and a basement of forty squares, totalling one hundred and eighty two squares. The mouldings supplied were:
Stepped band mould on the second floor at 300mm x 90mm
Pilaster capital on the second floor, 180mm high
Parapet for balustrade capping on the terrace of the first floor and parapets for the first floor, 80mm x 280mm
Window headers for first floor windows 110mm x60mm and ground floor windows 185mm x 35mm
Moulding insert for the main entry frieze 375mm x 375mm
Parapet capping for the pool building 570mm x 90mm
Parpapet capping for balustrade in courtyard area, retaining wall along driveway and ground floor balustrade 80mm x 200-380mm (to suit blockwork).

Being in Sydney a job for the Bonavista Hotel  at 76 Middle Head Road, Mosman was for supply only of fifty four lengths of three metre stringers (model # S5) measuring 120mm x 35mm, thirty metres of wall capping (model # WC2) measuring 358mm x 110mm, six parapet mouldings (model # S19) 120mm x 89mm and one Arch with a radius 1200mm (model # S19).

Another property in Wandana Heights, Victoria  required the supply only of thirty lengths parapet (M258B) 258mm x 190mm x 2400mm length and thirty lengths stringer (DGC093) 95mm x 71mm x 2400mm length.

WELL Is The New Focus Of Building Design

Indoor Park 480 Queen St Brisbane

Indoor Park 480 Queen St Brisbane

Wellness and the health of occupants in building spaces is now one of the growing focusses for building practice around the world.  The launch of the Wellbeing standard by the International Well Building Institute last year has been well received around the world and an office building at 480 Queen Street, Brisbane is an example of the type of innovative practice that a WELL build incorporates. From a roof top tree grove that offers spectacular views and a conveniently located green space for its occupants to a 1,400 square metre in-building park that spans workspace and environment to activity-based open area workspaces that encourage mingling and collaboration,  this building is a market leader in energy efficiency, environmental performance and support for human health.

Currently the WELL Building Standard v1 is applicable to commercial and institutional office buildings, but IWBI has pilot versions of the standard that can be applied to new building sectors.

The introduction of The Finishing Touch Planter Box range, using the same manufacturing processes as their architectural decorative mouldings, couldn’t come at a better time, with this growing focus on healthy buildings. Plants of course have long been known to create a better air environment, one of the first principles of the WELL standard.  With lightweight Planter boxes plants can be placed inside or outside and easily moved to catch the light with the change of seasons.

Finishing Touch Planter Boxes

Finishing Touch Planter Boxes

Clustering of plants to create mini forests is elegantly achieved using the different sized Planter Boxes.  Continuity of style is achieved with Planter Boxes available in the design style to complement the style of the building. Gorgeous inside-outside living spaces, healthy buildings and style integrity is on the doorstep with the Finishing Touch Planter Box range on sale in September 2016.

Extending The Archtectural Style Of a Home To The Garden Area

New Range of Planter Boxes

New Range of Planter Boxes

Now that the range of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings has been expanded to include garden planter boxes it opens up the scope for builders, owner-builders and home owners to extend the style of the home into the courtyard and garden area of the property. For example, if the house is built in the French provincial style, the Finishing Touch have French provincial decorative mouldings that decorate the façade of the building, helping to create an authentic look. They can also supply French provincial style pier caps for the fencing, French provincial style planter boxes and French provincial style wall panels in the garden, extending the style from building to grounds to create an elegant and stunning exterior.

Likewise, any architectural style can be replicated on the planter boxes and wall panels for the garden and pier caps for the fencing. As well as the standard styles the Finishing Touch are also able to offer customised designs in the planter boxes and wall panels, as well as for any decorative mouldings used in a build. This opens up the possibilities even further for stylising a house.

If you are planning your build for spring be sure to consider the use of matching planter boxes in the courtyard and balcony areas of the home, as that is the e.t.a. for production of this new range. If you want to discuss your plans and get an obligation free quote, please contact Steve De Gregorio directly on (03) 9762 1676 in Melbourne or email

Finishing Touch Introduce An Exciting New Range For The Garden

Decorative Planter Boxes

Decorative Planter Boxes

Well respected in the building industry for supplying high quality, long lasting decorative architectural mouldings for houses, the Finishing Touch have branched out into the manufacture of Planter boxes for patios and courtyards. Using the same technologies as they use to produce durable, quality house mouldings these products are easily transportable, lightweight and easily installed. No messy trenches, heaped dirt or concrete pours. The garden features come fully equipped and ready to operate, ready for painting and will be on the market this spring 2016.
Planter Boxes and Tree Boxes

Planter boxes that are durable, lightweight and portable are perfect for foyers, courtyards and plazas and incorporate a full drainage system. Tree Boxes give great flexibility in the placement of a tree or large shrub and enable seasonal rotation. Planters are large, versatile and can accommodate a watering system and a wide range of plant selections. A range of colours and textures are available and can be re-painted when colour trends change. The Planters are suitable for use in either indoor or outdoor settings.

Modern Decorative Panels

Outdoor Decorative Panels for garden spaces will be coming soon for use as an independent focal point in areas of limited space or where a solid architectural element is required. The addition of lighting and sculptured plants will make for a stunning display and used, in conjunction with the Finishing Touch Planters and Water Features can quickly create an Al’fresco, outdoor entertaining area. Panels can be fitted with a choice of soft-mudstone-slate, river pebble, tile or mosaic finishes.A full installation services is available.

Please contact Steve DeGregorio to get your order in for spring for these stunning garden features for your next home build or renovation.

Popular French Provincial Style Decorative Mouldings and Custom Made Mouldings

French Provincial style with arched windows

French Provincial style with arched windows

The Finishing Touch currently has a project under development for a 50 square French Provincial Display home for a builder. The building company is planning to build a minimum of ten French Provincial style homes a year, due to the popularity of this style of house.  The decorative mouldings selected for used in this build will help create the French Provincial look. They are –

Eave mouldings
Parapet mouldings
Window architraves
Window Sills
Keystones and rivets for entrances may also be used in the build.

The Finishing Touch has been commissioned to supply decorative mouldings for fences and walls to a Landscaping company based in Wandin North for all their ongoing projects. This company does landscaping for large residential projects constructing formal walls, fences and gates. The Finishing Touch will be providing a range of pier caps and wall capping, custom made to specifications from the Landscaping company.  The Finishing Touch have a large range of decorative mouldings ‘off the shelf’ but can also custom make mouldings to client’s specifications.

A double storey building with two units, making up a total of sixty squares, is under construction and currently finishing off decorative features on the windows.  The Finishing Touch have already manufactured and installed mouldings for window sills to this property in Balwyn and, to complete the existing windows, are now supplying flatband arches, which will present as feature windows. Window arches add a classic finish to a building and can be used to great effect.

For a quote or to discuss your specifications for custom made decorative mouldings contact Steve De Gregorio.