The Finishing Touch Has a Full Range of Decorative Mouldings Plus Customised Mouldings To Your Specification.

A Post-modern,50 square home in Point Cook is currently under development. The build will require 10 metres of parapet, model #P7360, size 360mm x190mm, 17 metres of parapet, model # P7270, size 270mm x 145mm, 7 metres of parapet, model # P8300, size 300mm x 235mm, 12 metres of parapet, model # P8200, size 200mm x 155mm, as well as 27 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm and 105 metres of quoining panels, model # Q400,  size 430mm x 430mm to add further architectural decorative interest. Windows will be finished with 75 metres of window architrave, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm.

Another build, situated in Ballan, is also under development. The Finishing Touch supply lightweight columns in a variety of shapes – round, tapered, square and fluted, with lightweight capitals and bases. They are sometimes requested to supply concrete versions in certain settings where the sturdier material is needed. This build is one of those, requiring 19 metres solid concrete column capitals, size 231mm x 96mm, 19 metres solid concrete base, size 200mm x 80mm together with eight fluted, square concrete columns size 350mm x 350mm (still a lighter version than a solid concrete column, bypassing the need for cranes to lift into place). The concrete versions are more difficult to install and carry a 30% higher price point. More information about Finishing Touch decorative mouldings here.

A fine example of Finishing Touch columns, pier caps and customised decorative mouldings.

The Ballan build also requires 60 metres of window architrave, model #WP5, size 100mm x 35mm, 23 metres of window header, model # WH1A, size 175mm x 170mm, 21 metres of parapet with corbels, parapet model # P6240, size 240mm x 220mm together with 52 corbels model # C17, size 65mm x 80mm x 120mm wide, spaced at 120mm, to be installed onsite. Further decorative features will be added with the addition of 9 metres of window architrave, model #WP12, size 90mm x 35mm, being used as a stringer, plus 15 metres of stringer, model # S19B, size 260mm x 90mm and 20 metres of window sill, WSR15, size 135mm x 185mm.

Two Post-modern units in Ringwood are being supplied with 62 metres of under gutter moulding, model # PE70, size 70mm x 70mm, 153 metres of window architrave , model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm, 38 metres of window sill, model # WS5R2, size 135mm x 90mm and to finish the build – 4 Victorian Pier Caps, size 490mm x 490mm. 

Home beautifully finished with Finishing Touch French Large Pier Caps.

Talking of pier caps a 50-60 year old home on Canterbury Road, Camberwell, that features 20 original pier caps with fence capping, will be supplied with customised pier caps and fence capping from the Finishing Touch to match the originals for a newly erected fence. 

This week’s blog confirms the flexibility of the Finishing Touch, its ability to supply Builders for any style of home from its extensive and varied range of decorative mouldings, as well as the capacity to supply customised decorative mouldings to meet their customer’s specific needs. 

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