Custom Design Decorative Mouldings and an Extensive Range from the Finishing Touch

Great example of French provincial architecture by Phillip Mannerheim.

The Finishing Touch have an extensive range of decorative mouldings and can also supply custom designed styles, to their client’s specifications. Such was the case for a French provincial styled house in Berwick recently that was supplied with four custom designed parapet mouldings. They were – 10 metres of French provincial style decorative mouldings, sized 330mm x 210mm, 12.5 metres of the same design, sized at 330mm x 400mm, as well as 10 metres size 500mm x 430mm and 17.5 metres size 600mm x 300mm. From the Finishing Touch product range 35 metres of parapets, model # P8250, size 250mm x 195mm, 13 metres of stringer, model # S1RV, size 90mm x 70mm, 45 metres of window architrave, model #W1100, size 100mm x 45mm and 12 metres of window sill, model # WS15, size 130mm x 65mm were supplied. 

An interesting architectural feature was created with the addition of 70 metres of quoining panel, model # Q500, size 530mm x 30mm installed on both the left and right hand corners of the house, including the balcony. 

Two post-modern units in Camberwell were enhanced with the addition of 77 metres of Finishing Touch parapet moulding, model # P4169, size 160mm x 160mm, 90 metres of parapet , model #P4125, size125mm x 120mm and 256 metres of window architrave, model # WP12, size 90mm x 35mm. Once again quoining panel was installed on the corners of the building, with 80 metres of model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm supplied. 

Example of decorative mouldings on units.

More units, a block of three, at Box Hill were supplied with decorative mouldings for a fine finish. 172 metres of flatband, model #DGB1003, size 100mm x 30mm, 58 metres of windowsill, model # WS2, size 130mm x70mm, 15 metres of parapet moulding, model # P8200, size 200mm x 155mm and 37 metres of stringer, model # S6R2, size 55mm x 27mm were installed, creating architectural interest to the facade. 

A French provincial home in Box Hill makes a statement with the addition of 82 metres of custom design Eave Parapet moulding, size 260mm x 215mm. together with the addition of 37 metres of parapet, model #P8200 from the Finishing Touch product range, sized at  200mm x 155mm with 12 metres of parapet, model # P8120, sized at 120mm x 90mm. The addition of 20 metres of stringer, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm together with 12 metres of a smaller stringer, model #S6R2, sized 55mm x 27mm, and 10 metres of flatband, model # DGB1003, sized 100mm x 30mm create extra architectural interest. Windows are finished with 52 metres of window sill, model # WS15, size 130mm x65mm. 

Example of tapered columns and customised mouldings.

The front entrance adds to the theatre with two round, tapered columns, with Doric base and Tuscan capital, size 350mm at base and 290mm at the top. Decorative features extend to the streetscape with 3 metres of plain fence capping, 240mm internal and two plain pier caps, size 370mm x 370mm.    

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