Decorative Mouldings Still Popular for French Provincial

The French provincial style of home is still very popular in Melbourne. The Finishing Touch have several projects supplying decorative mouldings to homes being built in this style.

A French provincial home of 60 squares in North Balwyn was supplied with two dormer windows with an overall height of 980mm, model #dormer 980, pictured below:

Also supplied were 32.5 metres of parapet, model # P7270, size 270mm x 145mm, 27.5 metres of smaller parapet, model #P7180, size180mm x 95mm, 53 metres of architraves, model #W1100, size100mm x 45mm, 14 metres of window sill, model  #WS5R2, size 135mm x 90mm and five window arches made from architrave, model  #W1100. 

The front façade was further decorated with the addition of six fluted pillisters, 360mm wide x 75mm thick x 2400 high, with two at either side far left and far right on both the upstairs and downstairs levels and two at either side of the entrance. The overall elegance of the French provincial style was carried through to the front fence with the addition of French small pier caps, three sized at 600mm x 490mm, with another three sized at 490mm x 490mm.

Another French provincial home of 20 squares is currently under development in Glen Iris. Here the interesting effect of flatbands is in full use with flatband model #M29, size 170mm x 30mm, fully wrapping around the eaves with the addition of 90mm x 40mm dentil blocks. The portico is also decorated with flatbands, six metres of model #M27 flatband, size 250m x 30mm, with another flatband underneath, model #M120, size 120mm x 30mm.

A large 50 square home in Camberwell in the French provincial style is also under development. This home is bound to exude glamour and sophistication with the extensive use of decorative mouldings.

32.5 metres of eave mouldings, model #PE4TR1, size 150mm x 150mm, 11 metres of parapets, model #P4200, 200mm x 195mm, 42.5 metres of smaller parapet model #P4125, 125mm x 120mm, 15 metres plinth mould model #DGPL600, 600mm x 55mm, 42.5 metres of stringer, model #S1R4, 90mm x 70mm.

Windows are decorated with 91 metres of window architrave, model #WDG8XY, size 120mm x 50mm, with six window arches made from the same architrave moulding.  Glamorous round, fluted and tapered columns, sized 560mm at the base x 490mm at the top with Doric bases and Tuscan caps will create a stunning effect.

Box Hill is the location of three post-modern units being supplied 260 metres of eave moulding, model  #PE4TR1, size150mm x 150mm, around the perimeter of the three units.

The Finishing Touch provide a top level service and sound advice to builders and home builders on the use of decorative mouldings. Steven Di Gregorio, owner and sales manager, has 15 years’ experience in the building industry supplying decorative mouldings with an experienced team behind him. Awareness of the latest trends in decorative mouldings and an ability to select the correct sizing ensures the finished build is on trend, enhanced and balanced. There is a danger that if the wrong sized moulding is installed the look will not be of the quality the build deserves and when the owner re-sells value will be lost.

The Finishing Touch provide top quality professional installers that will get the job right the first time. Beware of inexperienced tradesmen who are not professional moulding installers as the end product may lack quality, with unaligned joins, crooked lines and lack of preparation for paintwork resulting in an uneven paint surface. Using our preferred installation method of the DAP Touch’n’Seal adhesive with Hp4 ultra clear sealant corking/adhesive product for long term adhesion and water sealing gets the best results for now and the long term.