Creating A Sophisticated Façade With Decorative Mouldings

Example of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.

To create a sophisticated façade and enhance the design style chosen for the house architectural, decorative mouldings are a must.  The top quality, long lasting, lightweight decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch are in strong demand by discerning builders. A recent builds of a post-modern home of fifty squares in Brighton was handsomely finished with 97 metres of parapet moulding, model # M23, sized 265mm x 120mm, 27 metres of  parapet moulding, model # M24, sized 180mm x 120mm and an interesting addition, using 175 metres of window sill, model # WS15, sized 130mm x 65mm, as a parapet. Windows were decorated with 175 metres another style of window architraves, model # W22, sized 100mm x 30mm.

Three units, 25 squares each, in Lower Templestowe in the Post-modern style required decorative mouldings to finish the windows.  152 metres of window architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm and 65 metres of window sills, model # WS15, sized 130mm x65mm, completed the build.

A fifteen year old home in McCullum Road, Doncaster, built originally by Metricon Homes, needed mouldings replaced that were damaged by hail. The Finishing Touch supplied 40 metres of parapet mouldings, model # M3, sized 175mm x 155mm to refresh the building with a long lasting, quality product.

The catalogue of decorative mouldings can be viewed on our Product page, examples of buildings complete with decorative mouldings in our gallery and you can contact our Sales Manager, Steve De Gregorio to order custom made architectural mouldings to suit your specifications.


Decorative Mouldings for Heritage Restoration & French Provincial Home





Example of French Provincial decorative mouldings.

Eight arches with architraves originally adorned a heritage, commercial building, the Queensberry Hotel, situated on the corner of Queensberry Street and Swanton Street, Carlton. At one stage they were removed but recently the decision was made to restore them and the Finishing Touch were called upon to supply their quality architectural mouldings. They supplied the restoration with 27 lengths of 3 metre architrave mouldings, in a style similar to French provincial, model # WDG8XY, sized 120mm x 50mm. These decorative mouldings were used to form the one metre diameter arches. They also supplied a DAP adhesive and sealant.

A French provincial, two storey, fifty square home recently built in Strathmore boasts an elegant façade with the addition of exclusive French provincial decorative mouldings from the Finishing Touch. A beautiful finish was achieved with 58 metres of French provincial parapets, model # P4200, sized 200mm x 195mm, 8 metres of French provincial parapets with dentals, model # P6240, sized 240mm x 220mm and 34 metres of French provincial quoinings, model # Q300, sized 320mm x 30mm. Further decoration was added with 6 metres of French provincial plinth, model DGPL400, sized 400mm x 55mm.

The windows of this Strathmore property were decorated with French provincial architraves, model # W1100, sized 100mm x 45mm, 23 metres of French provincial windowsills, model #WSR15, sized 135mm x 185mm. Adding further glamour to the façade was one large arch for the balcony window and four small arches for windows at the front. 8 metres in total of model #W1100, sized 100mm x45mm was supplied for the arches.

Please view the decorative moulding models on the Finishing Touch Product page