Decorative Mouldings Add To Stunning Build In Wantirna South

Finishing Touch decorative mouldings in Balwyn.

A fifty square property was recently built in the ever popular French provincial house style at 3 Avoca Way, Wantirna South. The Finishing Touch supplied a large number and variety of lightweight, decorative mouldings for the final touches to this stunning build.  The exterior mouldings included:

12 metres of French provincial parapet, model # P8430, sized 430mm x 335mm, 36 metres French provincial parapet, model # P8300, sized 300mm x 235mm, French provincial stringer, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm, 26.4 metres French provincial under gutter moulding, model # PE70, sized 70mm x 70mm, 50.4 metres quoining, model # Q300, sized 320mm x 320mm.

The nine windows were decorated with 98 metres of French provincial window architrave, model # WDG8XY, sized 120mm x 50mm and 24 metres of French provincial window sill, WS15, sized 130mm x 65mm. 7.2 metres of special architrave, model # W11JV with 50mm rivets created a feature for the balcony window over the front entrance, along with a 5 metre wide arch, model # W11RV, 150mm x 35mm, topped by a keystone, model # COR8162. The entrance itself is stunning with 7.2 metres of feature architrave, model # W11RV, measuring 150mm x 35mm with 35mm rivets every 400mm and featuring a keystone, model # KEY8230, sitting above the entrance and rebate mouldings, sized 120mm x 32mm dressing the columns.

A Post-modern, two storey building comprising of two units, each 34 squares, situated in Vermont is presently under development. Decorative mouldings are required for the 40 windows in total (20 each unit). The Finishing Touch can supply 308 metres of window arch, model # W1100, siized100mm x 45mm, 75 meters of window sill, model # WS6, sized 130mm x 80mm.  Other lightweight, decorative mouldings for the build include 149 metres of parapet, model # PPEP1, sized 160mm x 140mm, 125 metres of stringer, model # M22, sized 100mm x 45mm and 14.4 metres of plinth mouldings, model # DGPL400, sized 400mm x 65mm.

Forrest Hills is the suburb in which another Post-modern block of two units, 30 squares each, is also under development. It’s requirements are more modest, needing 110 metres of parapet mouldings, model # P4160, sized 160mm x 160mm and 106 metres of stringer mouldings, model # S1R4, sized 90mm x 70mm.

All these projects have or will be supplied with DAP Touch ’n’ Seal for adhering the lightweight mouldings to the buildings, with a guarantee of longevity, a must for these high value builds.



French Provincial Decorative Mouldings Popular

Great example of French provincial architecture by Phillip Mannerheim.

The project for the property situated in Yongala Street, North Balwyn is now completed with the addition of eleven small French provincial pier caps and 26 metres of column capitals, model # GC5, size 87mm x 80mm to finish the front fence and overall look of the property. Built in the French provincial style this fifty five square, two storey home was originally supplied by the Finishing Touch with a range of French provincial decorative mouldings for the initial build towards the end of 2017.

The lightweight, exterior decorative mouldings supplied then consisted of: 93 metres of French provincial parapets, model # P4300, size 300mm x 285mm, 12 metres French provincial parapet (smaller size), model # P4240, size 240mm x 227mm, 98 metres of French provincial stringers, model # S1R4, size 90mm x 70mm and 10.4 metres of French provincial stringers, model # P8120, size 120mm x 90mm.  The 28 exterior windows on the house required 160 metres of French provincial window architraves, model # WDG8XY, size 120mm x 50mm. These models can be viewed on the product page.

A two storey, French provincial property of 50 squares in Balwyn is currently under development. The build requires 79 metres of French provincial parapets, model #P4160, size 160mm x 160mm, 23 metres of French provincial stringers, model # S1R4, 90mm x 70mm. The 25 exterior windows in total for the building require 45 metres of French provincial window sills, model # WS5, size 130mm x 70mm and 210 metres of French provincial window architraves, model #W1100, size 100mm x 45mm. Further decorative finishing will be achieved with the addition of 14.8 metres of quoining, model # Q300, size 320mm x 30mm and 5 arches, model # W1100, size 100mm x 45mm.

The Finishing Touch supplied four post-modern units of 20 squares each at 38 Pyalong Avenue, Rosanna with 60 metres of flatbands, model # M29, size 170mm x 30mm for a recent build.