A Simple Solution to Sealing Gaps, Windows and Doors


Do you wish you could find the perfect answer to sealing gaps around pipes and conduits that let cold air, moisture and insects into your new build? We’ve been trialling a polyurethane foam system that not only blocks drafts, moisture and insects but the sealant is a fire blocker type V, meeting residential fire safety standards. Touch n Seal Gun Foam II can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, masonry, insulating foam boards, metal, plastics and sheetrock. And get this – it’s tack free dry in 10 mins!

Do you want to use polyurethane foam to offset vapor migration and energy robbing air infiltration but you work in an environment where you need to apply the foam at low temperatures? There’s a sealant that can be applied in temperatures as low as -6.6C, brrr!  Touch n Seal All Seasons Polyurethane Foam Sealant is non-toxic, fire-retardant, won’t shrink and permanently fills and seals cracks and gaps up to 38mm wide. Tack free dry in 10 mins too!

Sealing around window architraves, door architraves and skylights can cause grief.  You need an insulating sealant but you don’t want it to bow jambs or deflect frames. The answer lies in the No-Warp Foam Window & Door Insulating Sealant, with it’s low expansion and pressure during curing. Because it exerts up to 95% less bowing pressure than competitive foams that may inhibit or prevent proper opening and closing of fenestrations you can trust your windows and doors not to bow or jamb. It’s white, non toxic, fire retardant and will fill gaps up to 38cm. You’ll have to wait an extra 2 minutes until it’s tack dry though, it needs 12 mins.

This system is not only a boon for builders but mechanics and landscapers are going to love it too.  If you are working on motor vehicles and you need to bond on piping and under carriages the last thing you want is for it to show up. Same goes for landscapers bonding rocks in garden beds or rock pools. Black Foam Polyurethane Foam Sealant is brilliant – designed to blend in, UV resistant, doesn’t need painting and doesn’t discolour. All your problems solved. Once again, it’s tack dry in 10 mins.

The Sharpshooter D Gun is used for application with a special applicator for cylinder foams. It’s disposable and comes in packs of 6. Cleaning up is easy too with Poly-Clean, which easily cleans wet foam from hands, tools and applicator guns.

At the Finishing Touch we liked the Touch’n’Seal System so much we can recommend it to you and we’ve become distributors. We now use this system exclusively on all our decorative lightweight mouldings.

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