Architects Gender Pay Gap Exposed in 2016 Surveys

Sugargum Dve Hillside

The Finishing Touch is a supplier of architectural decorative mouldings to the building industry and found the results of 2016 surveys conducted in both the United Kingdom and Australia showing that male Architects are paid more than female Architects across the board in the UK and for  most levels in Australia disappointing. Not only that but the pay disparity is actually widening in the UK, according to the results of the 2016 Women in Architecture survey conducted by the Architects’ Journal and The Architectural Review.
The UK survey shows salary discrepancies of up to £55,000 at top levels between women and their male counterparts, as well as widespread discrimination in the workplace and on site. Women working in architecture are also waiting longer to start their family than the UK average the survey shows and that female architects found that having children has a detrimental impact on their career.
It doesn’t matter what level of seniority the women have climbed to, 36% still reported experiencing sexual discrimination whether they were directors, partners, principals, associate directors or project architects, and not far behind, 24 %of architectural assistants reported the same. This discrimination took place in the office, on site and in meetings with clients and contractors.
This bias is represented starkly in salary figures at all levels, with the gap broadening between men and women as seniority increases.The survey showed that women are paid £55,000 less than men at director, partner and principal level. This figure has risen by £42,000 in the last two years.
In Australia the Association of Consulting Architects conducted a national salary survey in 2016 and also found gender pay gaps for architects in all but two of the nine levels surveyed.

Due to this survey sample changing from year to year, it was not possible to analyse whether the gender pay gap is increasing or decreasing.  However, the association reported that the ongoing suggestions of gender-based gaps in this data are of serious concern. The ACA advises architects that there is a clear business case for pay equity, as well as the obvious ethical issue.
As a supplier of architectural decorative mouldings to the building industry the Finishing Touch often work in sync with Architects producing decorative mouldings to create the finishing touches to the architectural style of their buildings, both from the product catalogue but also manufacturing customised lightweight mouldings to specifications.


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