Post-Modern House Designs Decorative Finish


Architectural decorative mouldings have long been used to add a decorative finish to a building.  They are still used today and even on a post-modern style home create a stunning finish.  Builders trust the Finishing Touch to supply decorative mouldings to suit any style of building and totally appreciate their lightweight mouldings that are easy to install, are made to the highest quality and have outstanding longevity.

Some examples of the type of mouldings the Finishing Touch have supplied for post-modern designs include a forty square home in Studley Road, East Brighton which had prominent exterior mouldings applied to the front exterior, including three arches, creating a stunning first impression.  Eave moulds, parapet moulds, stringer moulds, window architraves, quoinings, key stones and under gutter moulds all contributed to a very handsome exterior.

Another post-modern house in Mont Albert, a fifty square double storey home, used parapet mouldings, window architraves, window sills and stringer moulds to add character and style to the construction.

In Wheelers Hill a post-modern, sixty square home was completed with architectural mouldings, including under gutter mouldings, eave mouldings and parapet mouldings at the top of the building, whilst stringer mouldings and quoinings created interest on the lower section of the building. Window architraves and window sill mouldings gave a handsome finish to the windows.

Another post-modern home, also sixty squares in Glen Waverley was decorated with eave moulds, stringer moulding, window architraves and window sills along with column caps and bases for two feature square columns.

A large variety of styles and sizes in lightweight mouldings are available from the Finishing Touch, and because they are manufactured locally, they can also efficiently supply customised decorative mouldings to your specifications.


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