French Provincial Decorative Mouldings Add Charm and Grace

French Provincial Style

French Provincial Style

A post-modern, two storey house of forty squares at 9 Oak Crescent, Lower Templestowe in the French provincial style has been gracefully finished with the addition of Finishing Touch lightweight decorative mouldings. On the top storey 9.6 metres of French provincial style parapets (model #P8200), measuring 200mm x 165mm, sit halfway between the second storey and the ground floor. Another 7.2 metres of French provincial style parapets (model #P8155), measuring 155mm x 20mm were used with 7.2 metres of French provincial style stringer (model #S1R4), measuring 90mm x70mm, installed 400 ml below the parapet. Windows were finished with fifty metres of French provincial style window architraves (model #W1090), measuring 90mm x40mm and the seven windows had 9.6 metres of window sills (model #WS5R2), measuring 133mm x 90mm, installed. A window header 2.4 metres long, (model # M23), measuring 265mm x 120mm created a stunning feature above the middle balcony window.

A French provincial, fifty square house in Ivanhoe was built on a slope resulting in two full storeys at the top with the bottom storey being smaller and including a garage. Thirty six metres of parapets (model #P4200) were used for this build, measuring 200mm x 199mm, with sixteen metres of stringer (model #S6R2), measuring 55mm x 27mm. Thirty eight metres of architraves (model #W11), measuring 100mm x45mm decorate the thirteen windows on all the storeys with window sills to suit, (model# WSR15), measuring 135mm x 185mm and eleven windows are further decorated with gorgeous arches over them ( model #W1100).

A large central window in the upper storey is decorated with 4.8 metres of window architrave (model #WB1), measuring 150mm x 50mm. Further decoration is created with the use of quoinings (model #Q400), measuring 430mm x 30mm on both the upper level and lower level. On the top storey sixty seven metres of under gutter moulding (model #PE70), measuring 70mm x 70mm were installed as well as seventy five metres of stringer (model # S1R4), measuring 90mm x70mm, which sits between the parapets between the top and second storey. Featured above the balcony is 9.6 metres of parapet on the top storey (model #P4300), measuring 300mm x 285mm, with a decorative keystone above it (model # PWK215), measuring 225mm x 190mm x 110mm.

Custom pier caps were manufactured and installed by the Finishing Touch on a property in Surrey Road, North Blackburn measuring 490mm x 490mm with one larger pier cap 1455mm x 480mm, on which the letter box sits next to the gate.


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