Decorative Moudings Supplied For Units, Rural Properties and Landscaping

Decorative mouldings supplied by Finishing Touch

Decorative mouldings supplied by Finishing Touch

A supply only order for Orange Building Solutions was delivered recently to 1-5 Neil Court, Blackburn South. The three storey building of ten units was finished with ten Finishing Touch panel mouldings, each with a height of 1380mm, width of 1200mm and depth of 150mm with 200mm between each point of the corrugations. The panels make up a twelve metre wall and have a customised profile to fit with the overall design of the building, they will be rendered to match the external look of the building.

A project currently under development is for two post-modern style units, side by side, with a minimalist look. In this instance one hundred and forty metres of flatband mouldings have been used, measuring 170mm x 30mm, (model # M29), to accentuate the lines of the building, which shows that decorative mouldings can be used on any modern building, no matter the style.

The Finishing Touch were pleased to supply decorative mouldings to a second property for a well-known regional rural builder. The lightweight mouldings were delivered to Lexton, Ballarat in rural Victoria. The project required one hundred and fifteen metres of window arches, measuring 115mm x 40mm (model # DGA115A), fifty five metres of window sills, measuring 145mm x 175mm, plain window sill with reveal (model #M13).

Branching out to supply landscapers, the Finishing Touch recently supplied decorative mouldings to a large landscape company located in Box Hill that services the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including Canterbury, Camberwell, Kew, Deepdene and Balwyn.  Nine pier caps measuring 490mm x 490mm were supplied, along with thirty two metres of custom built, plain wall capping to suit.  Manufacturing and supplying specifically designed architectural mouldings for landscape situations is now a growing part of the Finishing Touch business.


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