Columns and Arches Beautiful Architectural Features


Of all the types of architectural decorative mouldings used to create an attractive façade to a building, columns and arches are the most beautiful and eye catching. Dating back to very early architecture they have long been used as an architectural feature.  When they were constructed of stone and stucco they were extremely heavy and difficult to install, thus were only used for large, public buildings or very expensive homes. Concrete made the addition of an arch or columns to a family home more accessible and these days with the development of lightweight decorative mouldings arches and columns have become a common sight throughout suburbia, adding a certain glamour to modern houses.

The Finishing Touch are leading suppliers of high quality decorative mouldings. Their lightweight mouldings are made from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene and builders can choose from two styles of finish. The sandstone finish moulding is triple coated with a multi-part compound then reinforced with a triple coating of sand whereas the smooth finish moulding is reinforced with fibreglass mesh and coated with one or two coats of an impact resistant and flexible polymer modified cementitious render. Both coatings produce a durable exterior finish, which will not crack, shrink, expand or bend.

The Finishing Touch supply a wide range of decorative mouldings to suit most house styles, including French Provincial, Georgian and post-modern.  Recently the builder of a fifty squares home in Chadstone with North African influences called on the Finishing Touch to supply decorative mouldings for this already built modern home.  The addition of five round columns, each 200mm in diameter and 2.7metres high (model # RO200) with Tuscan capitals and Doric bases will ensure this house has a stunning façade. Another home in Old Warrandyte Road, Donvale required an Arch (model # M1), 120mm x 30mm, 1200 mm wide, along with 18 metres of parapet mouldings (model # P7180), 180mm x 95mm, 5 metres of window architraves (model # M1), 110mm x 30mm and 5.5 metres of flatband moulding (model # M120),  120mm x 30mm.


Architectural Mouldings Provide the Ultimate Decorative Finish


Once a house has been built the work is by no means over.  There’s still the fencing, outdoor areas and landscaping to be constructed and planted to create an attractive, complete living environment. The builders of a post-modern, fifty square home in Donvale at 7 Decontra Close recently finished the fencing with the addition of Victorian style wall caps for the fence line and fifteen Victorian style Pier caps, supplied by the Finishing Touch, creating a stunning  presence on the streetscape.
And what’s a home without windows? Not only are they essential for light, warmth and a view, but they can become a stylish feature with the addition of architectural mouldings. One hundred and thirty metres of window architraves ( model #DGA115A), each measuring 115mmx 40mm, together with fifty five metres of window sills (model # M13), each measuring 145mmx 175mm, were recently supplied to a build on the Ararat Lexton Road,  Lexton.
A post-modern, sixty five square home in Balwyn is under development.  The build requires one hundred and twenty metres of parapet mouldings (model # P8250), sized 250mm x 195mm, 10 window architraves (model # WDG8XY), sized 120mm x 50mm, 120 metres smaller parapet moulding ( model #P8200), sized 200mm x 155mm and arches for the windows. This home promises to emanate style.
The Finishing Touch have built a sound reputation for quality and long lasting architectural decorative mouldings.  They can supply only or builders can contract the Finishing Touch preferred installers Precise Profiles to do the installation. Where the preferred installer completes the installation of decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch, builders and owners are given a seven year warranty on all works.

Decorative Mouldings For French Styled Units and Post-Modern Home

Example of Finishing Touch  decorative mouldings

Example of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings

The Finishing Touch supplied a large job for two units with French styling influence, each forty squares, in Kenmore Road, Mont Albert. The decorative mouldings supplied were:
On the top floor – on hundred and thirty metres of under gutter mouldings (PE70), one hundred and twenty metres of flat band mouldings (M120) 120mm x 30mm, ninety metres of windowsills  (M13) 145mm x 175mm.  On the ground floor – one hundred and fifty metres of parapet mouldings (M3) 165mm x 155m, one hundred and forty metres of flatband mouldings (DGB1003) 100mm x 30mm, twenty metres of parapet mouldings (M258B) 258mm x 190mm, 200 metres of flatband moulding (M120) 120mm x 30mm, one hundred and fifty six metres of quoinings (Q300) 320mm x 30mm.  One of the units has nine arches featured at the front, crafted from the M120 flatband mouldings. Certified installer Precise Profiles completed the job.

Another build recently supplied was a post-modern, sixty square home in Clivejay Street, Glen Waverley. Thirty one metres of eave moulds (PE17) 220mm x 205mm were supplied and installed, along with thirty metres of stringer moulding (S19A) 260mm x 90mm, seventy metres of window architraves (WDG075) 75mm x 30mm, fifteen metres of window sills (WSR-1) 140mm x 210 mm and column caps (GC4) and bases (GC6) for two feature square columns.
Supply only flatband decorative mouldings were required by an owner/builder for his property at Fankhauser Drive, Vermont South. The post-modern house of fifty squares was supplied with one hundred and fifty metres of flatbands (M29) 170mm x 30mm.  The owner/builder will install the mouldings.

Another supply only order was for an interstate property in Ewing Street, Bentleigh, Western Australia.  They were supplied with two hundred and forty metres of under gutter moulding (PE70), 70mm x 70mm.