French Provincial Is Still a Popular Style

Typical French Provincial Style

Typical French Provincial Style

The French Provincial style for homes is still very popular in Melbourne and the Finishing Touch have recently supplied a full complement of decorative mouldings to two build sites for houses built in this style.

A  fifty five square home in Montmorency is being constructed and as it reaches the finishing stages has been supplied with  ninety metres in total of a larger parapet moulding, model # P4300, 300mm x 285mm in size, thirty five metres in total of a  smaller parapet moulding, model # P4240, measuring 240mm x 225mm. Windows have been decorated with sixteen metres of window sills for eight windows, model # 4SR1, measuring 140mm x 210mm and  thirty metres of flatbands, model # M120, measuring 120mm x 30mm, which are being used as window architraves. Six arches have also been created with flatbands, model #M120; four are smaller with a diameter of 850mm, whilst two are larger with a diameter of 1500mm. Two window headers were also supplied, model # WH1A, dimensions 173mm x 170mm.

An owner/builder is completing his build in Sweyn Street, North Balwyn. His French Provincial forty five square home will be enhanced with the addition of seven metres of a large parapet at the top of the house, model #P8300, measuring 300mm x 235mm, which is French Provincial in style and is being placed over the portico.  Another thirty two metres of a smaller parapet in the French provincial style, model # P8250, sized 250mm x 195mm is being installed as well as eighteen metres of under gutter moulding, model # PE70, measuring 70mm x 70mm. All the windows surrounding the house will be further decorated with seventy metres in total of French Provincial architraves model # WDG8XY, measuring 120 x 50mm, and twenty metres of window sills, model # WSR15. The further addition of five arches will make a stunning statement.

Builders and Owner/builders choose the Finishing Touch architectural mouldings due to their demonstrable quality and longevity. Check out their range of products at their website.