Extending The Archtectural Style Of a Home To The Garden Area

New Range of Planter Boxes

New Range of Planter Boxes

Now that the range of Finishing Touch decorative mouldings has been expanded to include garden planter boxes it opens up the scope for builders, owner-builders and home owners to extend the style of the home into the courtyard and garden area of the property. For example, if the house is built in the French provincial style, the Finishing Touch have French provincial decorative mouldings that decorate the façade of the building, helping to create an authentic look. They can also supply French provincial style pier caps for the fencing, French provincial style planter boxes and French provincial style wall panels in the garden, extending the style from building to grounds to create an elegant and stunning exterior.

Likewise, any architectural style can be replicated on the planter boxes and wall panels for the garden and pier caps for the fencing. As well as the standard styles the Finishing Touch are also able to offer customised designs in the planter boxes and wall panels, as well as for any decorative mouldings used in a build. This opens up the possibilities even further for stylising a house.

If you are planning your build for spring be sure to consider the use of matching planter boxes in the courtyard and balcony areas of the home, as that is the e.t.a. for production of this new range. If you want to discuss your plans and get an obligation free quote, please contact Steve De Gregorio directly on (03) 9762 1676 in Melbourne or email sales@finishingtouchmouldings.com.au.


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