Don’t Lose Value On Your Home With Inferior Decorative Mouldings

Example of decorative mouldings creating a grand facade.

Example of decorative mouldings creating a grand facade.

A house with crumbling exterior mouldings or decorative mouldings that actually fall off the façade look neglected and loose value. This can happen in older homes where poor quality decorative mouldings have been installed, but it can even happen in brand new buildings.  The Finishing Touch, suppliers of high quality, lightweight, decorative mouldings, are often called upon to replace damaged mouldings on homes with their superior quality, long lasting exterior mouldings.

One such home was a large, one hundred squares, multi-storey home in Kew that had been recently built in a post-modern design.  This lovely home overlooking the Yarra River had substandard mouldings installed in the original build. Unfortunately, some were not completed, some were installed incorrectly, some weren’t even level, joins were visible with the mouldings not meeting and corners were broken with poor, patchy repairs. Thanks to the quality, competency and professionalism of the Finishing Touch, who repaired and replaced the decorative mouldings, this grand home now has the stunning finish it deserves. Another example was an older style home in Bulleen that had cracked concrete mouldings and was being restored. The Finishing Touch were able to replace these with high quality window architraves and sills , giving the façade of the old building a face lift!

There are many such stories but also matching decorative mouldings to those already installed, if of sufficient quality, is also something the Finishing Touch can do.  Builders trust the Finishing Touch to ensure that the new decorative mouldings blend in and complement those already on the house. The Finishing Touch are highly sought after because Builders have learnt that they are highly experienced, provide a superior quality product that lasts and give a seven year warranty on their moulding installations.

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