Decorative Mouldings Create Splendid Mansion and Delightful French Provincial Home

Sugargum Dve Hillside

The very splendid Georgian style, 120 square mansion at Sugar Gum Drive, Hillside has been completed with the supply by the Finishing Touch and installation of 150 metres of 600 x600mm profile mouldings as well as 335 corbels on the second floor.  The courtyard and pool area is spectacular with 150 metres of 400 x 400mm profile mouldings and 500 corbels. Architectural decorative mouldings were also installed for twelve arches and headers, window sills and window architraves for ten square windows. Custom made window mouldings were also supplied for a very large feature window measuring 7 metres x 6 metres.

French provincial decorative eave mouldings and four window architraves for the delightful two storey, 50 square French provincial home at 138 Cooper Street, Essendon have been manufactured and installed on the first floor. Quoinings for this storey have been manufactured but are still to be installed.

Quoining panels and corbels for the grand entrance on the ground floor have also been manufactured and are ready for installation, however the construction of the building is still to be completed before they can be installed. The same is true for the picture frame column fascia that will decorate the two rendered brick square columns and the six window architraves and sills. Installation is expected to be completed in the next eight weeks.

Victorian style pier cap mouldings have been completed to create a classic finish to the fence of a house at 19 Thomas Street, Brighton East. Four metres of the custom made pier caps, each measuring 410 x 410mm, were installed.

The Finishing Touch are called upon from time to time to make sets for TV shows or live shows and recently Wantirna College have commissioned them to create foam moulding profiles in polystyrene for their upcoming stage production.

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