Finishing Touch Introduce An Exciting New Range For The Garden

Decorative Planter Boxes

Decorative Planter Boxes

Well respected in the building industry for supplying high quality, long lasting decorative architectural mouldings for houses, the Finishing Touch have branched out into the manufacture of Planter boxes for patios and courtyards. Using the same technologies as they use to produce durable, quality house mouldings these products are easily transportable, lightweight and easily installed. No messy trenches, heaped dirt or concrete pours. The garden features come fully equipped and ready to operate, ready for painting and will be on the market this spring 2016.
Planter Boxes and Tree Boxes

Planter boxes that are durable, lightweight and portable are perfect for foyers, courtyards and plazas and incorporate a full drainage system. Tree Boxes give great flexibility in the placement of a tree or large shrub and enable seasonal rotation. Planters are large, versatile and can accommodate a watering system and a wide range of plant selections. A range of colours and textures are available and can be re-painted when colour trends change. The Planters are suitable for use in either indoor or outdoor settings.

Modern Decorative Panels

Outdoor Decorative Panels for garden spaces will be coming soon for use as an independent focal point in areas of limited space or where a solid architectural element is required. The addition of lighting and sculptured plants will make for a stunning display and used, in conjunction with the Finishing Touch Planters and Water Features can quickly create an Al’fresco, outdoor entertaining area. Panels can be fitted with a choice of soft-mudstone-slate, river pebble, tile or mosaic finishes.A full installation services is available.

Please contact Steve DeGregorio to get your order in for spring for these stunning garden features for your next home build or renovation.

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