Exciting Building Project In Balwyn Creating Grandeur and Style

Grand design to be built in Balwyn

Grand design to be built in Balwyn

A very exciting project is currently under development in Balwyn.  A two storey, 60 squares home with a Georgian influence will be highly decorative and sure to become a feature of the street. The front of the building is simply splendid with columns, arched windows and a very grand portico topped with a gabled area, in which sits a plaque.  Lightweight architectural decorative mouldings will be used to help create this grand effect.  The three tall, arched windows in the front of the building with be finished with decorative arch mouldings and keystones. Square column mouldings on the outside of the portico and sets of twin round, slender columns to the inside create a stunning and stylish effect, topped with Corinthian cappings and bases. Wings on either side of the ground floor of the building add to the grandeur of the overall design and are decorated with picture frame mouldings, measuring 55 x 25mm.  Window architraves mouldings, measuring 100 x 45mm decorate each of the seventeen windows, as well as window headers and sills. Adding further grandeur to the overall style are the large parapets measuring 400 x 300mm around the top perimeter of the building and midway between the first and second storeys.  This impressive home is a statement in design and style.

Another home currently under development is a lovely 60 square French Provincial style dwelling in Camberwell. The home will feature columns constructed of rendered brick which will be finished with lightweight decorative mouldings for the column capitals and bases.  Seventy two metres of large parapets, each measuring 380 x 100mm around the perimeter of the top of the building will add grandeur, whilst the one hundred metres of flat band mouldings, measuirng 150 x 30 mm, running parallel, beneath the parapets create a stylish effect. Another ninety metres of a smaller dimension parapet, measuring 270 x 143mm, will surround the middle perimeter of the dwelling, complemented by stringer mouldings measuring 40 x 20mm.


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