Units in Mont Albert Finished With Arches, Keystones & French Provincial Window Mouldings

Example of arch

Example of arch

A property in Kenmare Street, Mont Albert, consisting of three units, is being enhanced with architectural decorative mouldings from the Finishing Touch. Most of the decorative mouldings are on the first unit, creating an attractive façade facing the street. Six arches and two keystones have been used to create a dramatic effect, with parapet mouldings and French Provincial style window mouldings forming a classically handsome finish. The decorative mouldings supplied are:
Large parapet moulding 240 x 227mm, model no. P6ETR4
Eave parapet moulding 152 x 151mm, model no. PE4TR1
Small parapet moulding 129 x 11mm, model no. P4ET120
French Provincial window architraves 90 x 40mm, model no. W1090
French Provincial window sills 140 x 210mm, model no. W6SR1R3
2 x keystones, model no. PWK115
6 x arches

A large 60 square, post-modern style, two storey property with French Provincial influences is currently under development. Large parapets measuring 292 x 82mm will be used to effect, with French Provincial window architraves 90 x 40mm and French Provincial window sills 129 x 65mm.
Pilasters will create a fascinating effect on the ground floor: these are half square columns, affixed to the wall. There will be five columns 350 x 350mm, with 20 fascias and Pilaster capitals and bases. Quoinings will also create interest.

Another property currently under development is in Burwood. This 50 square, double storey, post- modern house will have a pitched roof and requires both eave parapet mouldings and mid parapet mouldings. Small window architraves at 75 x 30mm will be used with window sills to suit, measuring 140 x 210mm and quoinings will add further decoration. Column capitals and bases will also be supplied to suit pre-built brick columns.


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