Finishing Touch Decorative Mouldings for Adelaide Home, Caulfield Home and French Provincial For Glen Waverley.

Artists impression 33 Lockhart St., Caulfield

Artists impression 33 Lockhart St., Caulfield

A large, two storey home is being constructed at 39 Warriparri Drive, Flagstaff Hill in Adelaide. The Finishing Touch supplied decorative mouldings for the parapets and window architraves. The front entrance is set off with a special, large parapet (style P6ET400) measuring 400mm wide at the very top of the building, whilst the circumference of the house is decorated with parapets going right around the top floor, style P6ET301, measuring 300 x 230mm with smaller parapets running in parallel, style P6ET110, measuring 110 x 90mm. The same pattern is repeated on the top of the first floor with parapet style P6ET200, measuring 200 x 155mm, running around the circumference between the first and second floors and the smaller parapet, style P6ET110 running parallel underneath. The windows were finished with window architraves measuring 128 x 28 mm.

A fifty square, double storey home at 33 Lockhart Street, Caulfield (artists impression above) designed by Kat Design in the French provincial style will have decorative mouldings installed within the next four weeks, bringing the façade to life and adding class. Manufacture has been completed on the eave parapet mouldings, parapet mouldings, French provincial window architraves, window sills and quoining panels for the upper storey. A stylish front entrance will be created with the addition of a keystone over the entrance and fences will be enhanced with pier caps.

The ever popular French provincial style is also the house design for 57 Winmallee Drive, Glen Waverley. This two storey, fifty square home will be decorated with French provincial eave parapets at the top of the upper storey, style P6ETR2, measuring 230 x 227mm and French provincial parapets parallel on the top of the lower storey, style P4ETR6, measuring 161 x 158mm. Windows are to be decorated with French provincial window architraves, style W1090, measuring 90 x 40mm and French provincial window sills, style WSR1-R3 on the lower storey, measuring 140mm x 210mm and style WS5R2 on the upper storey, measuring 133 x 90mm.


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