New House Colour Trends for 2016

Biofragility Series colours Dulux Paints

Biofragility Series colours Dulux Paints

New colour trends from Dulux for 2016 are an exciting mix of deep, dark hues, bright pops of colour and soothing tones taken from nature. Bree Leech, Trend Forecaster, Creative Director, Producer and Stylist for Dulux discusses a trend amongst architects and interior designers at the high end of design to commission talented painters to create effects, such as ageing, textures or ombres. “This signals a trend that may filter down into the mainstream in a simplified DIY form,” she explains “I think a really well executed effect can add a sense of luxury to space.”

Grand Georgian Home Finishing Touch Mouldings

Grand Georgian Home Finishing Touch Mouldings

In the same way high quality decorative mouldings create a sense of luxury to the exterior of a home. Selected for their decorative finish, exterior mouldings such as arches, columns and key stones turn a relatively plain building into one that is evocative of classic, high end architecture. The lightweight mouldings designed and manufactured by the Finishing Touch are an easy, affordable decorative device. Creating different styles such as French provincial, Georgian, Mediterranean and Post-Modern they can be manufactured in a short time and when installed by the Finishing Touch carrying a 7 year warranty on fixing – a big plus!
Dulux have created a fascinating palette of colours for 2016 – looking back in time for more traditional, known colours to offset the explosion of technology, looking into new worlds of discovery and drawing on the comfort of nature at its most soothing.
Retro Remix
A mix of acid brights clashing with muddied colours like browns and olive greens. Designer influences from the 60s and 70s. Expect the unexpected.

Infinite Worlds
Dark colours juxtaposed with brilliant flashes of red, pinks, coral and space age metallics make up the Infinite Worlds series, creating the eerie effect of deep, unchartered worlds.

Influenced by living and natural matter – flesh tones, lichen, moss, stones. Nature represents the perfect balance between fragility and strength.

Taking its influences from steampunk merging with modern design. Deep, decadent traditional hues are made modern with the addition of mustard, pink and purple.


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