A Grand Home Finished With Decorative Mouldings

Example of decorative mouldings creating a grand facade.

Example of decorative mouldings creating a grand facade.

Situated in Montmorency a two storey, sizeable dwelling of 60 squares in the French provincial style is currently being constructed.  The Finishing Touch are supplying and installing decorative mouldings to complete the façade. The grand design includes five arches, with one sitting over the balcony, the decorative moulding for this arch being 1500mm in diameter, whilst the other four measure 850mm in diameter. There are two windows either side of the balcony, also featuring arches, with two more arched windows on the front of the building.  All the windows are further decorated with French provincial window architraves, French provincial window sills and window header mouldings. To add to the grandeur are six square columns along with column panels, column capitals and column base plinths. Parapet mouldings have also been supplied.

A fifty square, double storey home in Caulfield in the post-modern style is currently under development. Decorative mouldings to be supplied include eave parapet mouldings, parapet mouldings, French provincial window architraves and quoining panels for the upper storey with window sills and a keystone over the entrance for the lower storey as well as pier caps.

It is always distressing for home owners when mouldings fall off their house, but this often happens when cheap, poor quality decorative mouldings are used. The Finishing Touch have been called upon to supply their high quality, long lasting decorative mouldings to replace cheap, plastic mouldings falling off a home in Mascoma street, Strathmore. This two storey post-modern home is only four years old and will now be restored to its former glory with the lightweight, easy to install, high quality Finishing Touch decorative mouldings.


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