Decorative Highlights Created By The Finishing Touch Decorative Mouldings

A Phillip Mannerheim design

A Phillip Mannerheim design

The year ended with a bang for suppliers of architectural decorative mouldings, The Finishing Touch, supplying decorative mouldings to a large property at Sugar Gum Drive, Hillside manufacturing and installing –

50 meters of large 600 x 600mm Parapets
150 meters of 400 x 400mm Parapets
600 corbels
32 Arches
26 Columns with Corinthian Capitals

The Finishing Touch are now taking a well earned break over the Christmas period from 23 December until Monday 4th January 2016.

During the year the Finishing Touch were proud to be contracted to supply their quality, lightweight, decorative mouldings to a property designed by renowned, award winning Architect Phillip Mannerheim . Designed in the French provincial style the stunning two storey, sixty square home features a distinguished exterior due to the addition of the decorative architectural mouldings . A grand statement is made with a large keystone over the balcony whilst windows are highly decorated with French provincial window architraves, feature window blocks either side of the windows and window sill mouldings. Parapet mouldings between the first and second floor with stringer mouldings 400ml beneath delineate the two storeys, whilst eave parapet mouldings give a handsome finish.

Another large project completed during the year was for the supply of decorative mouldings for ten homes built by a substantial building group. Located in a number of Melbourne suburbs the two storey, 35 to 45 square homes boast a unique style created in part with the addition of the lightweight decorative mouldings –

Parapet Eave Mouldings

Parapet Mouldings

Flatband Mouldings

Window Architraves

A commercial apartment building in iconic St. Kilda at 16 storeys high, required 270 metres in total of large parapet mouldings measuring 670mm x 600mm, on two levels. Extending around the perimeter of the building, 135 metres of parapets were installed per level by the Finishing Touch.

Steve De Gregorio and his staff wish everyone a Happy festive season.


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