Transforming A Large Building Into A Palace With Decorative Mouldings

Great Effect Of Decorative Mouldings Sugar Gum Dve, Hillside

Build a large house and add a truckload of decorative mouldings and what have you got? Near on a palace! This property at Sugar Gum Drive, Hillside has been the focus of The Finishing Touch recently as they oversaw the manufacture and installation of –
50 meters of large 600 x 600mm Parapets
150 meters of 400 x 400mm Parapets
600 corbels
32 Arches
26 Columns with Corinthian Capitals
Pictured below is the building before the addition of the architectural decorative mouldings.

Before Decorative Mouldings Installed at Sugar Gum Dve, Hillside

Before Decorative Mouldings Installed at Sugar Gum Dve, Hillside

You can see the incredible difference the decorative mouldings make to the façade, transforming a large, plain building into an eye catching, stylized building that greatly resembles a European palace. Note the splendid effect the tall columns with corinthian capitals have on the style of the building.

Finding a supplier capable of producing this large number of decorative mouldings within the timeline of the build and to the quality required by such a striking building could be a difficult task. But with The Finishing Touch contracted to supply, the builder could rest assured that high quality, lightweight, external mouldings would be delivered on time and to a very high standard of manufacture. Added to that is the advantage of installing lightweight mouldings, with this quantity of decorative mouldings it would be a nightmare installing the heavier style of moulding. The Finishing Touch have their own team of certified installers, who offer a 7 year warranty and use a proprietary render patch system, which virtually eliminates any signs of joins.

Your next build may not be quite this splendid but you can certainly get an idea of how stylish and grand your next house can look with the addition of The Finishing Touch lightweight decorative mouldings.


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