Award Winning Architect Uses Decorative Mouldings For A Fine Finish

A Phillip Mannerheim design

A Phillip Mannerheim design

A gorgeous, fifty plus square, two storey home recently built in Nicholson Avenue, Mt. Waverley in the French provincial style owes much of its exterior style to the use of lightweight moulds supplied by The Finishing Touch.  Parapet eave moulds on the upper storey and parapet mouldings for the lower storey with complementary stringer mouldings create a fine finish to the building. Six windows are decorated with architraves whilst arches and keystones adorn the five upstairs windows, creating a stunning façade.

A property currently under development has been designed by renowned, award winning Architect Phillip Mannerheim in the French provincial style. The stunning design for the two storey, sixty square home calls upon the use of decorative architectural mouldings to add a distinguished exterior finish to the house. A grand statement is to be made with a large keystone over the balcony whilst windows are to have a highly decorative finish with French provincial window architraves, feature window blocks either side of the windows and window sill mouldings. Also to be featured are eave parapet mouldings, parapet mouldings between the first and second floor with stringer mouldings 400ml beneath the parapet mouldings.

A more modest, yet highly attractive post-modern home of forty squares is also under development in East Doncaster.  The decorative mouldings to be used for this design include under gutter mouldings, parapet mouldings and quoining panels as well as window architraves on all twenty two windows on the house.

Lightweight decorative mouldings have become popular with Architects, Designers and Builders alike, as they save on costs and time, adding a decorative façade and helping create the intended style of the home, whether French provincial, post-modern, Georgian or Mediterranean.


Residential Decorative Mouldings For a Large Building Company

Decorative residential mouldings

Decorative residential mouldings

The Finishing Touch, suppliers of quality architectural decorative mouldings, have been busy over recent months supplying residential decorative mouldings to a substantial building group for ten homes recently completed. These are two storey, averaging 35 to 45 squares and located in a number of Melbourne suburbs:

  • Keysborough
  • Burwood East
  • Highton
  • Clyde
  • Clyde North
  • Oakleigh
  • Wantirna
  • Packenham
  • Ashwood
  • Kinglake West
  • Kew

The Parapet Eave Mouldings, Parapet Mouldings, Flatband Mouldings and Window Architraves provided by The Finishing Touch have helped to create a unique style for these homes built by the building company.


Another job under development is for a two storey, fifty square post-modern home in Aberfeldy. The build will require one large flatland arch and a smaller flatland arch over the balcony as well as :

Large Parapet Moulds 430mm x 300mm

Stringer Flatband Moulds

Eave Parapet Moulds

Window Architraves

Window Sills

Smaller Parapet Moulds 258mm x 190mm on lower floor


In lower Templestowe a medium sized, two storey house of fifty squares will be enhanced by Finishing Touch lightweight, quality decorative mouldings. The facade of this home will be stunning with one large arch over the entrance, two large arches over the garages which will be further decorated with keystones. Small parapet mouldings 120mm x 89mm and stringer mouldings 75 x 50mm as well as window architraves for four large windows together with keystones over the windows will complete the decorative finish.


The Finishing Touch supply lightweight residential mouldings as well as commercial mouldings to builders and building companies for residential homes or commercial buildings.



Supplying Architectural Decorative Mouldings For Building in Melbourne

Lightweight decorative mouldings add the finishing touch.

Building is hotting up with the weather in Melbourne. Architectural decorative mouldings supplier The Finishing Touch have several projects currently under development. The demand for French provincial style exterior mouldings is still strong with this decorative style being very popular with builders and owners alike. A post-modern, 50 squares, two storey house in Brighton was purchased recently and the Owner made the decision to remove the soft curved mouldings currently on the house and replace them with French provincial mouldings. The Finishing Touch was approached to supply large Parapet mouldings 300mm x 235mm, which will be the main feature on the second storey of the building.  French provincial parapet mouldings, measuring 220mm x 170mm will also be featured on this storey. On the ground floor French provincial parapet mouldings, measuring 180mm x 139mm, will add a decorative finish along with French provincial window architraves and matching French provincial window sills and quoinings.

Two more properties under development are post-modern homes. One is a two storey 60 square home in Cranbourne North that will be decorated with parapet mouldings, measuring 200mm x 170mm, along with stringers.  Picture frame window architraves will decorate the windows and quoining panels will add a handsome finish on the porch and balcony.

The other property is a two storey, forty five square home in East Keilor. On the top storey decorative finishes will be achieved with chimney mouldings, large parapet mouldings, measuring 300mm x 250mm around the balcony area and eave mouldings around the entire perimeter of the building.  Flatband mouldings will be used for window architraves with flatband block window sills for the seven windows. On the bottom storey the decorative feature will be parapet mouldings, measuring 200mm x 180mm.