Large Parapet Mouldings, French Provincial Parapets, Window Architraves & a Keystone

41 Nott St 2

Example of parapet mouldings supplied for a commercial apartment build

A new build in St. Kilda, Victoria, a commercial apartment building, 16 storeys high, will be finished with 270 metres in total of large parapet mouldings supplied and installed by The Finishing Touch. These large parapets mouldings, measuring 670mm x 600mm, will be placed on two levels. 135 metres of parapets per level will extend around the full perimeter of the building, creating a handsome finish to the building through the use of architectural decorative mouldings.

A large rural property in Strathdale, near Bendigo, Victoria will be supplied with three types of French Provincial parapet mouldings for the extensive residential home on the property. The parapets measure:
160mm x 150mm
120mm x 110mm
170mm x 150mm

Currently under development is a house in sought after area Palm Beach, north of Sydney in NSW. The property is 60 squares, architecturally designed and built in a rural style with weatherboards, a stone chimney and stonework around the base of the building.  The Finishing Touch would supply window architraves for all thirty five windows on the building.

Another house under development is in Caulfield, Victoria. This 45 square, post-modern, double storey home will be very stylish, being finished with a range of decorative mouldings. French Provincial parapet mouldings, measuring 180mm x 139mm, will extend around the entire perimeter of the building and window architraves for four windows with matching sills will be installed on the upper storey. The architraves measure 100mm x 45mm, with sills measuring 133mm x 90mm. Quoining panels, measuring 450mm long x 300mm high will extend out from the building by 40mm. A smaller parapet is to be used on the lower level, measuring 150mm x 100mm. Two French Provincial window architraves and matching sills, the same as for the top storey will decorate the lower storey. There will be a keystone to mark the entrance and six pier caps on the fencing.


Exterior Mouldings Complete Units and French Provincial Mouldings In Demand

Example of French Provincial style

Example of French Provincial style

Two mirrored units in Forrester Street, Essendon will soon be finished with lightweight, exterior mouldings delivered and installed by The Finishing Touch. The mouldings are currently being manufactured and are scheduled for installation in 8-9 days. The installation will be done by the Finishing Touch team, Precise Profiles, which will ensure a 7 year warranty on all workmanship and components supplied.

With several projects under development, the Finishing Touch have submitted proposals for the following properties:

A large French Provincial style, 65 square, double storey house in Mt. Waverley.
Exterior mouldings suggested to finish the build and help create the French Provincial style for the top storey are –
Eave parapet mouldings, window architraves, arches over all upstairs windows as well as keystones over all the upper windows.
Bottom storey – parapet mouldings, complemented with stringer mouldings and window architraves.

Another large home in the French Provincial style, this one is 70 squares and located in Mont Albert.
French Provincial parapet mouldings, complemented by stringer mouldings will be installed as well as French Provincial style window architraves. The front entrance will be eye catching, with an arch over the main entrance with a keystone atop, and another arch above, over the balcony entrance, also with a keystone.  Two existing columns either side of the balcony will be supplied with pier cap mouldings to sit atop. Larger parapets between the first floor and ground floor will create a smooth finish and the addition of French Provincial window architraves and window sills will help create this popular look.

A 60 square, two storey French Provincial style home in Malvern East.
Parapet chimney mouldings will create a decorative finish for the chimney with stringers complementing the look. Under gutter mouldings and large parapet mouldings along with complementary stringer mouldings also help to create a fine finish.  Windows will be a feature with arches over all the front windows, French Provincial window architraves and matching window sills.  The entrance and balcony will also be a feature with arches to decorate.

Lightweight Architectural Decorative Mouldings A Great Modern Advance

French Provincial home built in 1836

French Provincial home built in 1836

Once upon a time architectural decorative mouldings for building interiors were made of plaster and Italian Stuccardores created intricately designed ceilings by hand, onsite.  Stucco was used in Victorian times for smooth, evenly coloured house fronts but by the 1860s terracotta became more popular.  Decorative mouldings held an important significance in the value of houses, with elaborate mouldings adding value to the price of a house.

These days decorative mouldings are simpler in design, sometimes recreating the look of bygone eras, as with columns and arches. The greatest advance in modern decorative mouldings has been the development of lightweight mouldings. The Finishing Touch are leaders in this technology. Their lightweight mouldings are created using a high grade computer cut EPS polystyrene. They offer two styles of finish – smooth or sandstone.  The sandstone finish is created by triple coating the mouldings with a multi-part compound, which is reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability. The smooth finish is achieved by reinforcing the mouldings with fibreglass mesh, then coating with 1 or 2 coats of an impact resistant and flexible polymer modified cementitious render. This coating provides a smooth, durable exterior.

Current building trends use a number of styles, with the French Provincial look being extremely popular. Georgian and Mediterranean styles are also popular as are Post-Modern designs. Decorative mouldings are used to finish buildings and help to achieve the particular styles being applied. In fact, the Finishing Touch have specific decorative mouldings that are used for French Provincial, Georgian, Mediterranean or Post-Modern designed houses. The development of lightweight decorative mouldings has made it easier for builders to use these decorative features extensively on houses, creating stylish buildings with a classic or modern look.

Achieving a French Provincial Style For Units and House

Example of grand entrance - columns, porch, arched window.

Example of grand entrance – columns, porch, arched window.

Two units at 94 Forrester Street, Essendon are being built in the French Provincial style. The units total sixty squares, each unit being thirty squares. The first floor boasts a number of lightweight decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch, creating a quality finish, in the French Provincial style. Under gutter mouldings and eave mouldings are around the full perimeter of the upper storey.  The units are mirrored with two entrances next to each other, with a long parapet over the centre porch.

Custom made French Provincial window architraves and French Provincial windowsills decorate the windows.  The upper windows are further enhanced with decorative arch mouldings. The ground floor of this unit block has matching smaller parapet mouldings at this lower level with stringers 400mm below to match.

A sixty square, two storey home in Glen Waverley is currently under development. This house will also be built in the popular French Provincial style.  A grand entrance is to be created with the use of a porch structure, columns, decorative mouldings and a balcony above the entrance. Large parapets with dentil mouldings will feature above the porch whilst an arch moulding on the balcony window above the entrance adds pizazz.  The columns will be constructed in brick and dressed with decorative column mouldings, with capitals and base being rendered.

Between the top and bottom storey levels large parapet mouldings will add interest, whilst French Provincial window architraves and matching window sills will decorate the windows. Eave mouldings will complete the finish to this striking home.

A modern thirty five square, double storey home at 14A John Street, Oakleigh will have a handsome finish with flatband mouldings from the Finishing Touch in two sizes 162 x 20 and 110 x 20, across the front of the building.