Finishing Touch In Sync With Trend Towards Modular Buildings

Lightweight decorative mouldings add the finishing touch.

One of the big trends emerging in the building industry is permanent modular construction. With Architects, Builders and Engineers looking to improve efficiencies in building construction, there is a steadily growing movement towards modular building. This quick and efficient construction method uses many of the same techniques as commercial construction but on a residential scale. Buildings consist of multiple sections (modules), which are constructed offsite and then transported to the “building site”, simplifying the need for on-site trades and significantly shortening construction time.

The need for ‘wet’ trades onsite, including cement and plaster, can be reduced, as well as other trades such as form and reinforcement workers, thus saving costly time at the construction site. Tight sites with restricted access also benefit from using pre-fabricated modules, saving time and money.
Once the modules have been delivered, the building is then finished onsite. In line with this trend has been the development of lightweight, prefabricated, architectural decorative mouldings, manufactured offsite.  The Finishing Touch are leaders in this aspect of the building trade, supplying high quality lightweight decorative mouldings to residential building projects.


Finishing Touch  mouldings are manufactured from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene, triple coated with a multi-part compound. To produce the sandstone finish, the mouldings are then reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability; to produce a smooth, durable finish they are reinforced with fibreglass mesh and coated with 1 or 2 coats of an impact resistant and flexible polymer modified cementitious render.
Currently most building construction is still undertaken in the traditional way, onsite with tradespeople supplying the labour and expertise. The Finishing Touch lightweight decorative mouldings are highly valued for this style of building as well, as they are transported ready made to the site, with easy installation.  Lead times are short and the decorative mouldings last well, giving a stunning finish to the build.


Decorative Mouldings Help Create The Popular French Provincial Look

Decorative mouldings create a great finish

Decorative mouldings create a great finish

Decorative mouldings make it easy to create the popular French Provincial style for houses built in Australia. This highly desirable style has been achieved on many Melbourne homes through the use of lightweight decorative mouldings supplied by The Finishing Touch. Some examples of homes in the French Provincial style completed over the last few years with quality, long lasting architectural decorative mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch are –

A home in Mont Albert Road, Surrey Hills in the French provincial style was decorated with French Provincial parapets, French Provincial window architraves, French provincial window sills, keystones and quoinings supplied and installed by the Finishing Touch.  Later two columns were added at the front and two columns at the back to give the house an even more elegant finish.

Another French Provincial style home, situated in Hudson Court, Ashburton was decorated with lightweight mouldings on the upper level of house and further enhanced with parapet mouldings,
window architraves, arches, feature keystones, window sills and stringer mouldings on the lower levels, resulting in a grand house indeed!

A two storey, fifty square home at Sidgewick Street, Atwood was superbly finished with decorative mouldings supplied by The Finishing Touch. They manufactured and installed parapets for upper and lower storeys with quoinings, a decorative arch over the balcony entrance and window architraves with a flatband extending around the circumference of the house to help create a decorative and stylish French Provincial look.

Another house styled in the French Provincial look in Nicholson Avenue, Mount Waverley  used decorative mouldings supplied by The finishing Touch to create a stunning finish. This double storey, sixty square house now boasts eave parapet mouldings 300mm x 300mm, decorative keystones above the windows, five arches over the windows along with window architraves, a French Provincial style parapet moulding separating the first floor and ground floor, garage mouldings and architraves around the entrance.

If you wish to build a house after the lovely French Provincial style, contact The Finishing Touch to supply decorative mouldings to help achieve the stylish finish you desire.