French Provincial Decorative Mouldings For Units and a Three Storey Home

Example of Decorative Mouldings for French Provincial style

A new project supplying decorative mouldings for two units of 36 squares and 34 squares in a post-modern design with French Provincial influences at 25 Pakington Street, Kew has begun. The Finishing Touch are supplying under gutter mouldings, which hide the workings of the guttering with what appears to be a solid construction via a seemingly large moulding. Large French Provincial parapet mouldings over the portico entrance provide further decoration at 300mm in width and to complement them, a smaller version of the same parapet moulding runs parallel at a median level between the ground floor and first floor. Another moulding will be installed between the mould and the fascia board and the wall (the eave) to provide a solid vision as opposed to component parts. French Provincial window architraves are being supplied for the upstairs windows and keystones will be installed above all the windows. Stringers will be used to replicate the look of a capital for columns under the portico. The decorative moulds have been selected and the consignment is being prepared ready for installation.

Window architraves are being supplied to a double storey house with a normal pitch roof of approx. thirty squares in Atwood. Decorative parapet mouldings will also be installed between the ground floor and the first floor.

A project at 4 Glendale Street, Surrey Hills on a three storey house in the French Provincial style has been completed recently by The Finishing Touch. The bottom storey is a multi-car garage. The top of the building has been finished with large French Provincial parapet mouldings 240mm wide, with a smaller version 200mm wide installed lower down at the middle of the building.  Stringer mouldings have been installed 600mm between each parapet and in between these are picture frame mouldings in three horizontal rectangular lines.  The windows have been decorated with French Provincial window architraves and window sills.  The entrance is eye-catching with architraves 250mm wide and upon them 50mm rivets spaced 200mm apart with a large decorative keystone above.


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