Warehouse Conversion and Three Storey House Use Decorative Mouldings

Example of decorative mouldings on a grand entrance

Example of decorative mouldings grand entrance

A simulated brick course on a two storey warehouse conversion of forty squares at Emma Street, Collingwood has been achieved using flatband decorative mouldings in the middle of the building around its circumference supplied by The Finishing Touch. The flatband mouldings measure 80mm x 20mm. Stringer mouldings sized 90mm x 70mm decorate the Portico and underneath the portico half square flat columns protrude from the wall. The columns measure 1800mm high x 200mm wide and are decorated with picture frame mouldings, sized 35mm x 25mm.  Further decorative features have been added with decorative mouldings for under the gutters, window architraves and window sills.

The Finishing Touch have also commenced manufacturing decorative mouldings for a three storey French Provincial building, sixty squares in total situated at 4 Glendale Street, Surrey Hills. The living quarters are on the first and second storey of the home with the garage on the ground floor.

Large French Provincial mouldings will be installed at the highest point of the building on the third floor with smaller versions on the second floor and stringer mouldings under both to enhance the decorative finish. Picture frame mouldings will be added in the gap between the stringer and French Provincial mouldings. Columns have been constructed by the builder and the Finishing Touch are supplying capitals and bases for the columns as well as French Provincial window architraves with decorative window sills to suit.  The house will have a grand entrance, surrounded by very large architraves, 250mm wide by 50mm deep, and decorated with 50mm rivet mouldings placed 250mm apart and finished with a French Provincial decorative keystone atop.

A project currently under development is for a fifty square, single storey, large modern home at Wendouree, Ballarat. The home will be enhanced with the addition of decorative mouldings for the chimney, parapets, window architraves and window sills.


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