Finishing Touch Decorative Mouldings Create Style That Lasts

Award Winning Renovation Design The Eyrie

Award Winning Renovation Design The Eyrie

An existing post-modern home in Will Street, Kew of two storeys and fifty squares features three gables and has just had all the architectural decorative mouldings replaced. Due to their impeccable record in manufacturing and installing decorative mouldings that do not shrink, warp, bend or fall off, the Finishing Touch were commissioned to replace all the decorative mouldings. Large parapets with dentils have been installed at the top, around the full circumference of the house, underneath the eaves. The three large gables have even larger sized parapets with dentils. The dentils are 100mm x 100mm and wherever the dentils are used they are spaced 45mm apart, so as to stand out from the building. The large parapets measure 220mm x 270mm. These same decorative parapet mouldings were also installed (without the dentils) for two of the chimneys on the building.

Under gutter mouldings were also installed around the full parameter of the house. A fascia moulding was installed In the gap (measuring 100mm 100mm) between the gutter and the building; this fascia moulding measures 70mm x 70mm and now gives the impression of one single large moulding, whilst screening the guttering. Stringer mouldings have also been installed, running along the complete fascia of the building. Window sills and window architraves as well as mini parapets on top of the piers complete the large number of decorative mouldings replaced on this stunning property, bringing it back to its former glory. The Finishing Touch have a great range of decorative mouldings and can custom make mouldings to specification.

As well as supplying  lightweight, quality decorative mouldings on this large job the Finishing Touch also supplied twenty flatband mouldings for a modern home in Le Grange Mews in Keysborough. At another site in Pendle Street, Box Hill they supplied French provincial decorative mouldings for two units as well as French provincial parapet mouldings measuring 160mm x 150mm each. The units are stylishly finished with the addition of quoining mouldings on all corners as well as on three piers.




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