Suppliers of High Grade Decorative Mouldings Provide Fast Delivery and Quality Guarantee

Finishing Touch Decorative Mouldings

Finishing Touch Decorative Mouldings

In the world of building it’s unusual to find a sub-contractor that not only responds fast to requests for quotes and orders but supplies a high grade product.  The Finishing Touch pride themselves in their ability to supply decorative architectural mouldings within two to four weeks of order.  Their manufacturing process and materials are of the highest standard and the mouldings they produce will last, neither shrinking, warping nor cracking. The lightweight mouldings are easily delivered and are able to be installed quickly. In fact the Finishing Touch provide a team of certified installers, who use a proprietary render patch system, which virtually eliminates any sign of joins. When the installation is carried out by the certified installers a seven year warranty is provided on the product and fixing.

Mouldings are created using a high grade computer cut EPS polystyrene. Two styles of moulding are then created. The sandstone finish style is triple coated with a multi-part compound which is reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability. The smooth finish style is reinforced with fibreglass mesh and coated with 1 or 2 coats of an impact resistant and flexible polymer modified cementitious render. This coating provides a smooth, durable exterior. The decorative mouldings are ready for painting at the build site twenty four hours after installation. This allows the customer more control in selecting the appropriate colour and quality of paint.

Builders can rest assured that the Finishing Touch decorative mouldings range is carefully cast right here in Australia, ensuring tight quality control, fast delivery and an unmatched crispness of detail and quality.

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