Decorative Mouldings Help Create French Provincial, Post-Modern and Tuscan Style Homes

Tuscan style home

Tuscan style home

Several projects are currently under development with the Finishing Touch, suppliers of quality architectural decorative mouldings for construction and maintenance in the building industry or to owner/builders. The first is for a French provincial fifty plus squares home in Glen Iris. The house will be finished after the style of the popular French provincial look with the addition of chimney moulds, under gutter moulds, eave mouldings, flatband mouldings and stringer mouldings. The entrance will be decorated with entrance door architraves and a keystone.

Illustrating how decorative mouldings can be used to create a variety of house styles, a fifty square plus home in Camberwell also requires decorative mouldings to complete its post-modern look. Window architraves, along with chimney moulds, large parapet mouldings and quoining mouldings will all help create the desired finish. Between the levels of the house mid parapet mouldings with stringer mouldings 400mm underneath on the horizontal with create a handsome look.

Two units side by side, each twenty five squares in a post-modern design will be finished with quite a number of decorative mouldings. The builder will use under gutter mouldings, eave mouldings, large parapet mouldings, stringer mouldings and window architraves. The use of keystone mouldings will add flair to the units, with each having a keystone over the balcony, a keystone at the entrance, a keystone over the garage and a keystone over a large window next to the entrance, which is actually the study window.

The Finishing Touch will supply decorative mouldings for a sixty square, Tuscan style property in Orange, New South Wales. This large house will be decorated with eave mouldings, stringer mouldings and large chimney mouldings. To help create the Tuscan look 220 corbel mouldings will be manufactured, each 250mm x 150mm x 100mm.

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