Use Only Quality Architectural Decorative Mouldings To Enhance Buildings, Landscapes and Fencing

Garden arch on pool

Decorative mouldings are most often used to decorate and finish a new build, however they are also very effective for hard landscaping in garden areas.  Exterior mouldings were used to great effect in a garden and pool area at a home in Essendon. Creating a luxurious Mediterranean look with a decorative arch at the edge of the pool featuring a mirror and set between two low stone walls, the arch was further enhanced with decorative mouldings.  Fencing can also be enhanced with the use of decorative mouldings for pier caps, as in the Tannoch Brae Aged Care Facility in St. Albans, which has a feature iron fence with large brick and rendered pillars.  To complete the feature they called on The Finishing touch to supply decorative moulded pier caps for the pillars, creating a classic quality finish.

The quality of The Finishing Touch lightweight exterior mouldings and their ability to last a long time in a pristine condition sets them apart.  There have been many requests to replace exterior mouldings in older homes, as the mouldings crumble and crack, detracting from the appearance and value of the asset.  Even some newly built homes have needed mouldings replaced, as the original supplier provided mouldings of an inferior quality with the result that mouldings come away from the walls within a year or two or the paint chips and flakes off the moulding within a few short years.  The Finishing Touch can supply new exterior mouldings of a high quality within a short timeframe, usually a four week turnaround.  Builders can rely on the Finishing Touch ‘A’ grade product because –
•    Architectural mouldings are made of ‘H’ grade polystyrene, which is one or two grades stronger than ‘M’ grade or ‘S’ grade polystyrenes used by other manufacturers.
•    Architectural mouldings will adhere to your walls better, maintaining strength for a much longer period.
•    Architectural mouldings are pre-primed, ensuring the paint does not chip or flake off within a few years.  This guarantees a durable, long lasting, high quality finish.
•    The Drip Lip system – this ensures the rain dripping from exterior mouldings do not drip down the wall, discolouring the render and wall beneath the mouldings.
•    Certified Installers carry a 7 year warranty on all fixing.
•    The installation team uses a render patch system which virtually eliminates any sign of joins.

Don’t risk a dissatisfied customer due to the quality of the moulds you have chosen for your build.  As a Builder or Owner/Builder you need a mouldings supplier you can rely on for quality, durability and affordability. The Finishing Touch are the supplier of choice offering a superior product, quick turnaround and satisfaction.

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