Decorative Mouldings In Demand For French Provincial and Post Modern Houses

French Prov style juliette balconies

French Provincial style


As house building activity ramps up in March The Finishing Touch have several works under development over the next three months, manufacturing and installing architectural mouldings –
A 50 squares post-modern design house at 145 Haverbrack Drive in Mulgrave, Victoria will achieve a stunning finish with the addition of top quality Parapet mouldings, Stringer mouldings, Window Architraves, Window Sills and Quoinings.

French Provincial style homes are very popular in France, the U.S.A. and Australia. The use of mouldings greatly enhances and helps to achieve this look.  A 50 square home situated at 101 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North is being built in the French Provincial style. This house, in a very prominent location, will be built in the French Provincial style but without a pitched roof. The addition of Parapet mouldings and Window Architraves will help create the desired style.

Another, larger home at 60 squares, is also being built after the French Provincial style at 243 Porter Street, Templestowe.  The use of mouldings will create a distinctive statement and add flair to this home, with Parapet Eave mouldings, French Provincial Window Architraves, French Provincial Window Sills, Parapet Mouldings, Stringer Mouldings and Quoinings.

At the Finishing Touch factory manufacture is starting on mouldings in preparation for site delivery to a build in Warren Heap, Ballarat. A thirty square, single storey house at Orchard Lane will be have a distinctive finish with the addition of  Window Architraves and Window Sill mouldings. The decorative mouldings will be installed within a month.


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