Decorative Mouldings Create A Stylish Statement And Flourish

Keystone and rivets add a flourish to arched window

Keystone and rivets add a flourish to arched window

Decorative mouldings can be used to great effect on a house, transforming it from something standard and plain to a stylish statement. In our last blog we discussed the most common house mouldings –
Window Architraves, Headers and Sills

This time we will look at mouldings that give the extra decorative flourishes that really finish a build –

Quoinings, Rivets, Corbels and Keystones.

Quoinings are used to highlight the corners on a house. The Finishing Touch moulds are shipped in the standard length of 2.4m.but any custom length can be ordered, with the maximum length being 3.4 metres. A selection of quoinings are available – either square cut, bevelled, one sided, with chamfer or with miter and in a range of sizes.

Rivets, or buttons, are commonly used on architraves to decorate and enhance entrances and balcony windows. They come in two sizes – 30mm and 40mm diameter.

Corbels are mostly used to achieve a Tuscany or Mediterranean style, creating the look of a timber rafter coming through the roof. The Finishing Touch supply a large range of decorative styles to choose from that vary in size.

Keystones add the glamour touch to a window, garage door or any entrance. They look particularly effective atop an arched window, combined with rivets on the architraves (see pic above). They come in a large range of sizes to suit different window and entrance spans. Style-wise there is a choice of designs from Grecian style scrolls and flourishes to modern, clean lines.

Builders last year chose the Finishing Touch lightweight mouldings because they realised that these mouldings are of a high quality, are durable so they last,  and are manufactured efficiently, ensuring  builders can meet their deadlines.


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