An Extensive Range of Lightweight Mouldings For House Builds

Example of Decorative Mouldings by The Finishing Touch – 6 Moonbria Ave, Kew


Decorative architectural mouldings add interest, accentuate architectural features and provide a decorative finish to a build.  The most popular features throughout the history of buildings have been arches and columns. The Finishing Touch have developed a manufacturing process that produces lightweight mouldings, with the same decorative effect that can be made in a much shorter timeframe and are so much easier to install.
Arch mouldings are made to follow existing arch lines and, as they are hand-made, can be cut in almost any profile desired. A keystone is usually added at the top of the arch for a grand finish. Builders or Owner/builders need to provide a template, the radius or the span and rise they desire for an arch to be specifically moulded to their specs.
Column mouldings are made in two halves to wrap around steel or timber posts. They come in four main shapes – round, fluted, square and tapered.  Any custom size is available for square columns –

Square column capitals are also available in Doric, Ornate or Single Doric with Plinth to suit columns up to 400mm. Sizes available for round, round fluted and round tapered column moulds are –
Bases are available in any size.
Parapet mouldings are pretty much standard on all new homes. They are installed on top parapets of houses and between the floor levels to create interest and cover the joins between the two levels. They are manufactured in lengths up to 3400mm. The Finishing Touch carry a large range of styles and designs with the smallest being the Parapet Mini at 47mm x 15 mm up to the largest at 300mm x 300mm.

Window Architraves are used around windows, door entrances and garages and the mouldings can be cut to size to fit exactly. Window Headers and Window sills are installed at the top of a window and under the window to further enhance and decorate. The Finishing Touch carry a large range of styles.
An extensive range of other mouldings, such as Quoinings, Corbels, Flatbands and Rivets, which add further decoration and flourish to a building, are stocked.


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