Decorative Mouldings Create Impressive, Distinctive, Stunning Finishes To A Home


French Provincial

Building continues in the new year with some interesting projects for the Finishing Touch. The first project of the year is a sixty square, single level, modern home in Tiffany Grove, Templestowe which had decorative eave mouldings installed already by the Finishing Touch.  Now the home will be supplied with decorative mouldings for all the windows and doors. The Finishing Touch are currently manufacturing the lightweight mouldings, with site delivery and installation scheduled in 2 weeks.  They will be supplying architraves for all the windows and doors, blocks below the windows as well as headers for the windows to create an impressive finish on the home.

An impressive French Provincial, sixty square home of two storeys is being built at 18 Alexander Avenue, Canterbury. With a verandah and porch as well as a balcony over the entrance, this house lends itself to a decorative flourish. Decorative corbels above the verandah and porch area along with chimney mouldings, parapet mouldings and eave mouldings will create a distinctive look.  However, the entrance will be simply stunning with two columns, a decorative keystone above the entrance door and a balcony above, decorated with metre long corbels. The balcony is further enhanced with rivets on the door architraves.  Windows are an important feature on a home and on this house will be decorated with window headers and window architraves with blocks at the base of the architraves.

A single storey modern home of twenty five squares at 18 Fairlie Avenue, Macleod will have a handsome finish with decorative mouldings for the window architraves, garage architraves and window sills as well as parapet mouldings and stringer mouldings.

A project currently under development is to supply mouldings for a two storey, post-modern, forty square home at 19 Wakley Cres, Wantirna South.  The house build requires the following decorative, lightweight mouldings –

Parapet mouldings
Eave mouldings
Window architraves
Window Headers
Keystone on top centre of Window Header on ach window
Window Sills


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