The Finishing Touch Have A Sound Reputation For Supplying Quality Decorative Mouldings

Finishing Touch Supplied Decorative Mouldings To This House In Toorak


As building activity is about to start again for the new year of 2015 it is timely to reflect on some of the sub-standard mouldings the Finishing Touch were called in to replace during 2014. Even a brand new home of over one hundred squares in a sought after suburb in Melbourne was not spared.  Some of the mouldings were not completed, the joins were all visible with the mouldings not meeting and the corners were broken with poor, patchy repairs. When architectural mouldings are installed on a build the aim is to decorate and add pizazz to the house. Builders and Owner/Builders need a supplier of decorative mouldings they can trust to achieve this.

The Finishing Touch have a sound reputation for professionalism, quality and efficient installation of architectural, decorative mouldings. The light weight mouldings supplied by The Finishing Touch are made from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene, which are then triple coated with a multi-part compound and reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability, delivering a product that will not crack, shrink, expand or bend. Finishing Touch mouldings are installed by certified installers which carries a 7 year warranty on all fixing. The decorative mouldings are finished in primer at the completion of the manufacturing process, so they are ready to paint within 24 hours after installation. The installation team uses a render patch system which virtually eliminates any sign of joins.

The efficiency with which the mouldings can be manufactured and installed, due in part to the light weight material, assists Builders deliver the completed overall build or renovation on time.  Gaining in popularity due to the efficiencies and ease of installation, Finishing Touch light weight mouldings add value, beauty and a quality finish to a house, lasting for many years.


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