Finishing Touch Mouldings Create Grand Entrances,Enhance Outdoor Areas and Make a House Stand Out

Treevalley Drive, East Doncaster

Treevalley Drive, East Doncaster

Creating A Grand Entrance
Columns create a grand entrance to a home and the Finishing Touch have supplied columns and other mouldings to homes built this year to help create an impressive entrance. A house in Tuck Street, Cheltenham has a distinctive entrance with three columns, each 3 metres tall, by 200mm in diameter, whilst a grand façade was created for a large Georgian replica house in Treevalley Drive, East Doncaster. The portico in front of the entrance boasts columns with feature panels and more decoration in the form of large feature corbels at the top of the portico. An outstanding panel over the entranceway (on the top storey) is a moulding with large roman numerals XV11 for the street number.
A post-modern double storey fifty square house at Ruby Place, Donvale boasts feature mouldings above the doorway resembling two curved picture frames, sitting above the entrance that has an arched effect, created by a larger flatband moulding measuring 200mm x 25mm. A very stylish home in Bendigo has a most impressive entrance with arch mouldings, rivet mouldings and a decorative keystone clasp above the arch and two lions’ heads sitting above the keystone . You can’t get much grander than that!  All created with lightweight mouldings.

Adding An Extra Dimension Outdoors
During the year, there were a number of houses built that also called on the Finishing Touch to supply mouldings to decorate the outdoor areas.  For example a house built in Soderlund Drive, Doncaster then needed extra mouldings manufactured to match the house mouldings for the fence. Sixty metres of wall capping and eight pier caps created an integrated finish.
Two years ago house mouldings were supplied to a two storey home of fifty squares in Polo Parade, Caulfield North and this year approximately thirty metres of new mouldings were required to go  around the pool area.  A combination of parapets 200mm x 200mm in size and stringer mouldings, each measuring 140mm x 140mm were supplied to decorate the pool area.

The Finishing Touches That Make A House Stand Out
A gorgeous Georgian style house at 51 Hoskin Street, North Balwyn was so splendid it drew the second highest sale price for a house ever in North Balwyn at $4.1M. The Finishing Touch helped achieve the grand finish to this home supplying quality lightweight mouldings for parapets, corbels, window architraves, window headers, window sills, stringers and pier caps, as well as moulded letters to decorate the house.


Decorative Moulds Create An Authentic Mediterranean Look For New Restaurant


Example of Mediterranean building with corbels under the eaves.


An exciting new restaurant serving a fusion of Italian, Spanish and French food at 25 Toorak Road, South Yarra is the latest project for the Finishing Touch.  Creating an authentic Mediterranean look to this eatery, they have installed a decorative parapet moulding that runs along the inside of the walls of two rooms, covering a total of 35metres in circumference.  Decorative corbels add a further ornamental touch to the two rooms that open out on to each other.

Another project that is currently under development is in Prospect Street, Pascoe Vale. A two storey, fifty squares, post-modern dwelling is well positioned with views of the Moonee Pond Creek valley. The build will be enhanced with the addition of parapet moulds, eave moulds, feature columns, column capitals and column bases.  A large arch at the entrance, window architraves, corbels under the windows and stringer moulds will create an impressive and stylish finish to this home.

The owner of a two storey, fifty square, existing home, 15 years old, at Belinda Court, East Bentleigh that now requires new mouldings has turned to The Finishing Touch for quality house mouldings to replace the original moulds. The existing mouldings are inexpensive fibreglass and plastic moulds, which had misshapen and are falling off the building; they now require to be completely replaced.The new mouldings the Finishing Touch will manufacture and install are made from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene, triple coated with a multi-part compound then reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability. parapet moulding
window architraves
window sills

Enhance Windows With Decorative Mouldings and Ensure You Secure a Quality Supplier


example of window architrave with rivets and keystone

Windows can be greatly enhanced with decorative architectural mouldings.  The Finishing Touch are the experts when it comes to quality decorative mouldings.  They have been manufacturing and installing a range of mouldings as part of an ongoing project on a two storey, fifty square house at 9 Rollinson Way, Taylors Lakes.  The house is in the French Provincial style and the Finishing Touch have recently added architraves with rivets with a large keystone (see pic).  Picture frame mouldings are also being installed to decorate the walls on the alfresco outside living area.

A major Builder has requested the Finishing Touch to custom make decorative mouldings to a particular design and size.  In this instance four rectangular pier caps 800mm x 600mm have been manufactured.

A double storey house of fifty squares at 70 Timber Lane, Glen Waverley, which is 3-8 years old, now needs its existing decorative mouldings replaced.  The mouldings are rotting as a result of using inferior moulds in the original build.  The replacement decorative moulding is a large curved parapet 265mm x 155mm x 3.8 mm long.

A fifteen year old double storey house of fifty squares at 9 Belinda Court, Bentleigh East is looking the worse for wear will all its façade mouldings separating from the building.  The current owner sought out the Finishing Touch, due to their reputation for manufacturing and installing quality mouldings that last, to replace the existing mouldings.

The last two projects at Timber Lane and Belinda Court illustrate how important it is for builders and home builders to source a quality supplier of decorative mouldings.  The Finishing Touch back their mouldings with a seven year warranty.  The processes they use in manufacture ensure that the mouldings, although lightweight and easy to install, will not crack, shrink, expand or bend.