Create A Grand Entrance With Decorative Mouldings For Beautiful Features

Treevalley Drive, East Doncaster

Treevalley Drive, East Doncaster

The front entrance to your home can be very grand, creating a feeling of style and opulence as you enter.  To create a stylish, grand entrance decorative mouldings open up a whole world of possibilities, from columns to decorative features above the doorway.  These homes will all have grand entrances, created with different house mouldings.

A large Georgian replica house, sixty three squares situated at Treevalley Drive in East Doncaster has a very grand façade.  The portico in front of the entrance boasts columns with feature panels and a feature panel on the top storey above the entranceway is a moulding with roman numerals XV11 for the street number.  Further decoration is achieved with large feature corbels at the top of the portico.  The large parapet moulding at the top of the building measures 400mm x 300mm. The windows are highly embellished with quoining panels between the windows, architrave profiles directly around the windows and window headers with feature corbels. Quoining panels around the garage continue the ornate façade of the building.

A post-modern double storey fifty squares plus house at Ruby Place, Donvale has feature mouldings above the doorway resembling two curved picture frames. These sit above the entrance that features an arched effect created by a larger flatband moulding measuring 200mm x 25mm.  Flatband mouldings have also been incorporated as window architraves, giving a slightly different look to the window finish.

A home which will be constructed in March, 2015 in Alexander Avenue, Canterbury will boast two fluted columns at the front entrance with a special moulding measuring 1620mm wide by 420mm high, resembling a plaque, as a feature over the main entrance. This double storey home of over sixty squares is being built in the French Provincial style and the Finishing Touch are busy preparing the mouldings for the build.  A Balcony doorway will have a feature architrave with rivets and decorative keystone, adding more embellishment to the front entrance. A special architectural feature is to use mouldings for window reveals, this is not a usual practice.
Other moulds that will be used in the build to decorate and enhance the house are –
Chimney moulds
Eave mouldings
Decorative Dentils or Corbels
Window architraves
Parapet mouldings
Window headers
Garage headers

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