Decorative Mouldings Dress Up Shopping Centre, Units and Old Flats

The Finishing Touch are installing 15 x parapet mouldings, 208 mm width x 180mm high and totalling 36 metres in length inside one of the retail stores at the East Village Shopping Plaza in Zetland, NSW.  The lightweight parapet mouldings will dress up the store ready for opening.  Decorative mouldings help finish a build or renovation, whether external or internal, and help to create a distinct style whether it be modern, French provincial, Tuscan, Georgian or Art Deco.

A project under development is a large one, supplying house mouldings for two units, 30 squares and 27 square at lot 117 Rose Street, Glen Waverley.  Commencing in the next few weeks, the project calls for a large number of the house mouldings to be manufactured and installed.  The mouldings will add a lovely decorative finish to the units.  Mouldings to be used in the build are –
Eave parapet moulds with corbels (Tuscan style finish
Parapet moulds
Window Architraves
Feature Window Header
Square columns
Column Dressing
Pier Caps

An older block of flats in Rathmines Road, Fairfield will be refreshed with the addition of decorative architectural mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch.  The window architraves and corbels in lightweight mouldings will not crack or warp and will last a long time, helping to keep the building looking well maintained.  The mouldings are made from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene.  Sandstone finish mouldings are then triple coated with a multi-part compound and reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability. The smooth finish mouldings are reinforced with fibreglass mesh and coated with 1 or 2 coats of an impact resistant and flexible polymer modified cementitious render for durability.

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