Georgian House Decorated with Lightweight Mouldings Increases Property Prices in North Balwyn


Building a house so magnificent that you increase property prices in the area is quite a feat.  The gorgeous Georgian style house at 51 Hoskin Street, North Balwyn drew the second highest sale price for a house ever in North Balwyn at $4.1M.  Unfortunately for the builders they priced themselves out of the neighbourhood. They had planned to buy an older style home in North Balwyn, demolish it and rebuild another spectacular home.  With property prices increasing in the area by half a million their plans were dashed!
The Finishing Touch supplied these lightweight mouldings, which helped create the stunning home –
Window Architraves
Window Headers
Window Sills
Pier Caps
They also provided mouldings of letters for the words on the house.

Mouldings used to help create a Georgian style are more squared in shape.
P64 Parapet

Whereas mouldings used to help create a French Provincial style are more curved in shape.
P6-ETR3 ParapetP6ET301 parapet

A block of flats in Rathmine Street, Fairfield is a very plain, square building. The existing window sills are flat brick sills rendered over with concrete, which are difficult to work with.  The solution to update the look of the building was to put corbels either side of the windows with architraves around the window, creating a decorative and more finessed finish to the building.

A project under development is a single storey house being build in Pine Ridge Road, Kinglake West. The decorative moulds that will add a decorative touch to the house are – arch with keystone, parapets, parapet eaves, window architraves, window sills and feature blocks under the windows. These blocks will sit under the window architraves and above the sill.  The architraves will be cut 200mm to allow room for the block to sit flush.

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