Finishing Touch Mouldings Enrich Television Sets, Major Restorations and New Builds



As mentioned in previous blogs, the Finishing Touch are sometimes requested to supply decorative mouldings for film and television sets.  A recent request has come from the ABC for the very popular detective series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, series three.  This design rich television series features wondrous costumes and sets depicting the 1920’s period in Melbourne.  An unusual occupation for a woman in that era, Miss Phryne Fisher is a Private Detective who is expert at solving murder crimes.

The lightweight mouldings are ideal for use in set productions due to their lightness, ease of application and authentic appearance. The mouldings for the interiors of the Police Station, Miss Fisher’s house and the city morgue are based on stock mouldings in the Finishing Touch range with changes to the height and length to fit the size of the set.  The mouldings are supplied as H grade polystyrene in a raw state.

An old Reception Centre in Maidstone, Melbourne, is undergoing a major restoration.  The state of the building at present is very run down and needs refurbishing.  The building has existing parapet corbels, which were made in the original masonry style using cement.  The Finishing Touch will be manufacturing and installing thirty six metres of parapet corbels as lightweight mouldings to replace the existing ones. This will refresh the building and the new parapet corbels will not crack, shrink or warp, maintaining an as-new look for many years to come.

More parapet corbels have been requested for a property in Waterloo, Sydney.  This project is under development and will require forty metres of  P10 parapet corbel house mouldings.

The uses to which the Finishing Touch decorative mouldings can be put are varied, as illustrated in this blog. Television sets, major restorations and brand new buildings can be greatly enhanced with the use of lightweight mouldings.

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